Adam Smith: The Invisible Hand

Liberty Institute provides an examination of what Adam Smith meant in referring to an Invisible Hand that brought national prosperity to those nations protecting the liberty of its citizens to pursue division of labor.  Citizens free to choose their own course of labor put their entrepreneurial and ingenuity to work in their field which meant […]

The Tea Party and the Debt Ceiling Compromise

One thing is clear in regards to the Tea Party Movement’s input in the recent Debt Ceiling Compromise quickly signed into law by President Obama—Tea Party Conservatism is rooted in the reality of absolute truths. While this is our greatest strength, we live in a culture steeped in Postmodern relativism in which the greatest social […]

Celebrating July 4th!

I hope everyone is planning to have a wonderful time celebrating our nation’s birthday this weekend and then fly the flag with pride on July 4th. Thanks to Harvard, we now know that July 4th is a Conservative Republican Holiday and that Democrats receive no political boost by participating in Independence Day events. So, let’s […]