What are the B/CS Tea Party’s priorities and purpose?

Our motto:

Teach. Empower. Act.

While the beginning of the Tea Party in general was a national tax protest (“Taxed Enough Already”), as time passed it became clear that government overspending was a symptom of a greater problem—a country abandoning its founding principles.

Why this country has been strong and prosperous in the past:

The principles and wisdom contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, and the U.S. Constitution, and its citizens accepting their responsibility to learn and live by them, are the reasons for the success of this country.

As its citizens forget our founding principles and responsibilities, and dishonorable elected officials circumvent and deny them, our nation and its future are put in drastic danger.

Therefore, the B/CS Tea Party’s priorities and purpose are:

  • to provide a venue for citizens to learn constitutional solutions to current political issues,
  • to cause citizens to become influential members of society, regarded as learned defenders of liberty and freedom, and
  • to create a fully engaged citizenry, well-schooled in the United States Founding Documents, empowered to act in the governing of the nation and state by exercising our power and responsibility as its citizens.

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