State and Local Debt

Texas is bleeding to debt and you are paying for it!

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How much of the local debt do YOU owe?

  • Texas ranks third in local debt—approaching $204.8 Billion.

    Combined debt of each Texas city, school district and county. See below or for this and the next two points.

  • City and county spending has increased 158%; our incomes only 39%.

    • Between 1980 and 2005, local government spending in Texas, adjusted for inflation, increased 158%.
    • By comparison, Texas taxpayers’ per person income increased only 39% over the same period.

    This led to:

  • Local government debt in Texas increased 207% from 1980 to 2005, more than five times the rate of income growth.

Before we get into how specifically this affects you and your family…

Action items if you are concerned

Contact your local representatives and politely ask what specifically is being done to address this trend. We’ll add to this list as we go:


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