Gun Law Nullification Petition

We, The People of Texas, being the grantors of the power held by our legislators, do hereby demand legislation be passed nullifying any attempt at usurping our God-given right to keep and bear arms.

We the under signed pledge to support those who will defend our Constitutionally guaranteed rights and to defeat those who would deny our Freedom and Liberty.

Gun Laws Nullification

Please fill out this form indicating your standing with the stance of this petition.

For questions or to sign in person, contact Bill Bingham (email).


  1. I’m looking for those of you local to the Bryan/College Station area who are ready to stand up for their rights and promote constitutional gun legislation and public education about our current laws. Check out the page, our description, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Also, for even more information check out and

  2. Sharon Davila says:

    I feel sure that those who support the 2nd Amendment Rights are aware that the control issue is not solely for the conviscation of Guns! The equally important issue is CONTROL OF THE CITIZENS and sabotage of our Legal system by inverting the Constitution of the United States! There is NO provision for the Individual sitting in the Presidential seat to wave a magic wand (Executive Orders) to evade Congressional Responsibilities and eliminate the Constitution! If We the People allow One erosion of the Amendments they will All be in jeopardy-as we already see encroachments into the First, Second, Forth (IRS +?). There has not been smoking gun evidence regarding Twelve, however there was a plethora of suspicion from a multitude of various states and a recorded evidence played on one of the Political Talk Shows
    of one individual bragging how she had voted more than one time! There is however hard evidence regarding Mr. Obamas’ lack of both qualifications to serve in the office he now has had for five + years and the researched evidence by Cold Case
    Lawyers, that the birth certificate he presented was fraudulent! I could continue but what is the point we have recorded
    evidence of lie after lie from this mans mouth… “You can keep your Doctor and Insurance” and regarding the Ben Gazi Massacre “it was not a terrorist attack” and the then Secretary of State has the audacity to prepare to run for President of the United States after stating “it has been 6 months who cares” throwing her hands into the air! Yes, we have our work cut out for us. It should not be hard but there are so many uninformed voters, or persons’ wanting what this Country can do for them.

    With the correct leadership, we should be offering a way to contribute and help our fellow man maintain their integrity and sense of pride welfare by creating more jobs, not more hand-outs to keep them dependent on our Government and our country in un-sustainable debt! Yet another very shocking fact is how many elected REPRESENTATIVES in both the House and Senate that are not doing their jobs! I would like to replace everyone of them with clones of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marsha Blackburn, Rick Santorum, Daryl Issa, and the others who have the personal integrity to do the job they were sent to do AND all within the framework of the Constitution of the United States of America! What disgrace they place on all who have and are fighting in our wars all over the globe to defend our freedoms. God forgive us! Yes, and like it or not we ARE STILL” One Nation Under God! “

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