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Nancy Coppock is a wife, dog owner, decorative artist and political blogger. Nancy is a contributor at American Thinker (her articles) and writes about national politics and issues specific to Texas District 17 at The Jackalope’s Voice.

The story of what originally happened to alert Nancy to the evil she now works against is at the Breath of the Beast site.


  1. Nancy, we are so happy to have someone of your caibre to lead us! This is an undertaking of monumental porportions. Basically, the time for e-mail, snailmail, and phone-calls are past! They are not rsponding! We need people in the streets! They understand people, faces, C’MON AMERICA! We can do this

  2. Claus D. Wagner says:

    Please READ, EVALUATE, and PROMOTE the FairTax Book by Neil Boortz and US Rep. John Lindner – HR25 in the House of Representatives.
    Go to
    Claus D. Wagner

  3. ncoppock says:


    The vision of the Bryan/College Station Tea Party is to promote alternative ideas for solutions to the economic problems our nation is facing. The Fair Tax is indeed one of those ideas that the B/CS Tea Party supports.

    We support life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and not government permission or control of our economic freedom. Texas operates on a version of the Fair Tax. We know it works.

    I look forward to meeting you at the Tea Party.
    Great to hear from you.
    Nancy Coppock

  4. George Waller says:

    Thank you for putting this together and giving the everyday person a voice. Look forwad to seeing you there!

  5. Nancy
    God Bless You . I am there . It is time and together we can accomplish anything. Look forward to the Event and the challenges ahead. Please count me in and anything I can do to help, just let me know.
    I also want to mention Rick Perry You go Sir
    Things are Happening
    Proud to be a Texan and American, Always

  6. Russell Yates says:

    Obama has promised to bring everyone together. He has visited Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba. If he would sit down with the pirates, I feel they could reach an agreement.

  7. Tom Watson says:

    My hopes and prayers go out to all of you in your efforts to bring District 17 around to conservatism and capitalism. I am an Aggie but I do not support Chet Edwards. When a fellow Aggie is detrimental to our country and our state I must oppose him. I hope you find a candidate that can and will defeat Edwards and will do the right things in Congress.

    Good luck,
    Tom Watson ’91

  8. Ervin L. Cain says:

    Hello Nancy,

    My name is Ervin Cain and I met you at the Brazos Center while looking for Chet Edwards. You gave me the website for the tea party group and I wanted to write you and give you my worthless opinion.

    I am not very much interested in having limits set on how folks should behave other than they shouldn’t break the law or swear at a protest. It is further my opinion that Republicans have become a bunch of spineless sheep who ask for permission when they should be forcefully telling the elected riff raff that they are public servants and not the masters of the electorate. I have been a Republican for many years, about 40 so, but recently realized that I am a conservative and the Republican Party is fairly liberal. If the Republican Party showed any interest in ‘Conservative’ action, I would show more interest in associating with the party.

    To get back to the point that kicked this whole missive off, “peaceful and polite” can be defined in several ways. A stern message to Chet Edwards is needed and I will not be constrained by another person’s opinion of how the message is delivered. On the other hand, I am a really nice fellow and am most likely to just come and observe the sneaky little slug in action.

    Ervin L. Cain

  9. andrewcagle says:

    Videos from the healthcare protest up on the Brazos Valley’s new liberty network and blog.

  10. Tea Party Convention is live at Sarah speaks tmo night at 8,
    Judge Moore speaks at 1:00 pm tda and Joseph Farah speaks tonight at 8pm

    It is great!

  11. I think a list of priorities is a good idea but not the name. It sounds too much Newt’s Contract with America and most of us remember how well that went.

  12. Chet Edwards voted against the House Healthcare Bill in November. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to find out his stance on the upcoming healthcare vote. We know his last vote was political cover but now, with Pelosi needing every vote, what will Chet do? Anyway we can help him?

  13. Claus D. Wagner says:

    As I pointed out at our annual company dinner: Chet Edwards LIED anout the FairTax by omission and distortion of the facts when he campaigned against Rog Curnock. Let’s get a conservative with common sense and a supporter of the FairTax elected (Rob Curnock is such a candidate) and boot Chet OUT

    • I could’t agree more. His votes come at the last moment after the leadership give him permission to vote no; healthcare, cap n tax etc….he never takes a position up front; never takes the lead except on Veterans and Education

  14. Linda Harvey says:

    April 12, 2010, some of our legislators formed ICRepublicans(independent, conservative republicans), website, to band together in Austin. Awesome!! I noticed neither Sen Steve Ogden nor Rep Fred Brown were on the list which was no surprise to me. Maybe we have a way to really make a different.

    • Fortunately, it looks like Fred Brown is indeed on this list. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention!

  15. Chet may have accomplished some good. He is a rhino that needs to be replaced with new conservative blood. We do not need life time people in office. That is probably the biggest problem, democrat or republican, with our system.

    I will support Bill Flores. If he holds true to his convictions, and what his constituents that vote for him for, I will continue to be a supporter. If not, I will not, and will do all I can to replace him. It is all up to him.

    All those in office, from this point on, should earn their vote. They work for us!


    Jim Miller

  16. We need to get this rino out of office. Rick Perry has a $21 billion deficit over our children and grandchildren’s heads. This is why he refuses to debate. If Obama refused to debate, we would be outraged. Perry is facing rising unemployment, a Texas economy that is not growing, and a massive deficit. This rino must go.

  17. I got a free campaign video showing over 40 documents as i speak, proving the jurisdiction which the Government operates under is Unconstitutional.Thus, showing how the American peoples standing in law was switched from Constitutional to corporate. Also click on documents and download and print the documents mostly from the Library of Congress . Also see my free 12 minute video at (best video) gun control,income tax,national debt, and cannabis Laws just to name a few come from this corporate jurisdiction. Psss I teach for free. Please Pass it on

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