Councilman Jess Fields and ICLEI

ICLEI — “an insidious, extreme institution that does not represent our citizens” College Station Councilman Jess Fields gave a great talk covering several issues and concerns at our monthly meeting this past Thursday. During that talk he shared about College Station’s several-year participation in ICLEI.  Check out the the B/CS Tea Party articles on ICLEI for some background […]

Drilling = JOBS

The truth is that normal free market forces create jobs requiring absolutely no government funding. Not only is this fact true, the very process of jobs created by free market forces is a revenue increase to the Federal, State, and local community governments. The by-product of cheap energy is an unleashed economic dynamo. Keneysian economic […]

Economist Explains Wage Realities

Dr. Steve Pejovich, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University provides a lesson in the truth of wages.  In addressing criticism of the Texas economy – the strongest in the entire nation – the Anti-Perry/Anti-Capitalist offer the “Yeah, but, they are lower wages without benefits” arguments. Dr. Pejovich, offers this response at The Institute for Policy Innovation: […]

First Principles

I am reading some of the foundational documents of our nation in preparation for a Heritage Foundation Seminar – First Principles. Throughout every letter, compact, speech, and ultimately our Founding Documents the foundation of God and His Wisdom permeates and gives reason and purpose to the achievement that is The United States of America. I […]

On Moderates & Moderation

As we talk with our family and friends about the situation our nation currently faces it is imperative that we appreciate that so-called “moderates” are simply held captive by false information and destructive ideas conveniently pre-packaged and sold by our media.

Meaningful Tax Relief

The newly published 3rd edition of Rich State, Poor State is a treasure trove of information that actually works because it compares each of our 50 states as a separate laboratory in regards to fiscal responsibility. ‘ South Carolina is successfully implementing what they call “meaningful tax relief” that provides economic stimulus which in turn […]

Atlas Shrugged film in theaters April 15

People who produce vs. an anti-production government Sound familiar? This is the theme of Ayn Rand’s classic Atlas Shrugged. The film opens in theaters April 15 (naturally). The trailer will be out Feb. 11 and premieres at CPAC in Washington D.C. (UPDATE: Posted below!) UPDATE ‘ATLAS SHRUGGED’ illustrates a world in which the burden of […]

Mark Gillar’s Interview With Oleg Atbashian

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party was so lucky to host a book signing and talk with Oleg Atbashian – the creator of the satirical website The People’s Cube and the author of Shakedown Socialism back in late October 2010. Local BlogTalk Radio host, Mark Gillar of the Tea Party Power Hour spent an hour interviewing […]

Boehner’s New House Rules Reflect Tea Party Principles

And it is our responsibility to keep it that way. See the article at the Human Events website. Hat tip: Dixiesunshine. There are some good new rules intended to ensure proper transparency. One I noticed particularly: Both webcast and make available online their hearings and markups. This reminded me of John Culberson (R-TX7). I documented […]

Americans For Prosperity must be doing something right

In a freedom loving nation, when the President of the United States uses the authority of the office to attack those that oppose him, the threat of demagoguery must be seriously considered. The President must speak carefully and in absolute truth or his words become petty, vindictive, and malevolent. The President is not a god […]

Putting the lie to malicious false claims

At the Tax Day Tea Party event here in College Station last April 15, one of the first announcements made was: “If you are a racist you are not welcome here!” Anyone following the Tea Party movement at all, and certainly those of us who are part of it, know how true this is. So […]


If you have the stomach to view the National Debt Clock, you most assuredly are SOURED ON SPENDING. Americans for Prosperity – Texas is bringing the Soured on Spending SUV to College Station. Saturday – July 31, 2010 11:00-12:00 noon at Ace Hardware Store 11907 Wellborn Rd, College Station 12:00 noon-1:00pm at Wings N More […]

Oligarchy rules

I’ve been recommending that people add the great Texas conservative site Ramparts360 to their reading list. Well, New Revolution Now Director George Scaggs asked me to submit an article there, and today it’s posted! Its title is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Oligarchy. In light of the constantly bailing out businesses that are too […]

Special Video: Herman Cain

Many of us have heard Herman Cain substitute host for talk show host, and fellow Aggie, Neil Bortz on WTAW. Mr. Cain is a huge supporter of the tea party movement, because Mr. Cain loves America, our Founding Documents, and our freedom to pursue your individual dream. When speaking at The Americans For Prosperity – […]

VIDEO: Clarion Call for the November Election

Watch this video. Some good ways to explain to those you know who don’t see this yet. Main topics: Obama as “Mr. Mass Destruction” (hmm…reminds me of something I’d heard before) Bad housing news continues to pour in Small Businesses and Unemployment The Future a Massive Struggle Hat tip: Ramparts360.

Death AND Taxes

Came across this poster googling for something else. Yes, we know death and taxes are inevitable. Still, we’re hoping for repeal from choosing them earlier and higher, respectively.

Dr. John Painter – The Battle For America

At our next potluck dinner this Thursday (place/time details here) Dr. John Painter will give a presentation entitled “The Road to Independence: How to Restore Our Constitutional Republic.” Here’s what Dr. Painter sent describing his background: Boy Navigator in the Air Force, 1954-1958 active duty. Hardship Outpost at West Palm Beach, FL. Ex-GI Student on Korean […]

The Conservative Colonies

People in the Tea Party Movement are individualists. If we are for something or against something, it is because our experience and principles have taught us to take that position. But, for now, we all face a common enemy that transcends our differences. The HBO miniseries John Adams did a great job of dramatizing the […]

We must understand, and persuade

At Thursday’s Potluck dinner, we had a great opportunity to hear from former congressional candidate and homeland security expert Dave McIntyre. Dave gave a great talk, centered on understanding why our political opponents think the way they do. Doing so is crucial, because: If you’re going to explain your side and argue your side, if […]

Our kind of candidate

In the May 3 issue of National Review (subscription required; worth it), an article titled “Colonel and Candidate” about Florida congressional candidate Col. Allen West may be very encouraging to you.