Tom’s Sunday Sermon – 3-8-14

In December, I was headed to a dentist appt. and on the radio, Houston congressman John Culberson (R- TX 7) was being interviewed and he was defending his vote FOR the Omnibus Bill, a massive budget funding bill, that feeds, not limits, a big-bloated government. The bill also would fund the Department of Homeland Security (and […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon – 2-22-14

Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs.  What do they all have in common? None of them had a college degree. Scott Walker became governor of Wisconsin in 2010. In four short years, the Conservative governor has:  cut unemployment in Wisconsin substantially — it was […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon – 2-1-14

Tom’s in the pulpit…Sports ..Public Debt..and Crony-Corporatism… maybe Tom’s stopped preachin’ and gone to meddlin’… Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day for consumption of food and drink for Americans, behind Thanksgiving Day.  Dips and spreads are the top choice followed by chicken wings and pizza.  Dominos hopes to deliver 9 million pizzas.  An estimated […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon – 1-25-14

Tom’s in the pulpit…. Richmond, VA to our nation’s capital is about an hour and a half ride, depending on traffic. A real regret I have in our wonderful years we spent in Virginia, was not attending the annual March for Life in DC. The march is held on the anniversary of the Roe v […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon – 1-18-15

Tom’s Thoughts on the State of the Union address George Washington and John Adams delivered their State of the Union address in person while Thomas Jefferson sent written messages.  According to the Congressional Research Service, Jefferson’s action “was intended to simplify a ceremony that he believed to be an aristocratic imitation of the British monarch’s […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon – 1-11-14

From Tom Hammond: This is CNN. After the slaughtering of the 10 journalists in Paris — CNN allegedly issued a memo to staff detailing what types of images and words would be banned and what would be allowed. CNN referred to the radicals who slaughtered the journalists in France as “activists”. CNN journalist Chris Cuomo […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon – 1-4-14

As the 70’s tv show, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In gag would go: “Due to technical difficulties, Laugh-In will now continue.” It may be a Wednesday Prayer Meeting session, but Tom’s Sunday Sermon is here for all to enjoy. Happy New Year! John Boehner has been Speaker of the House since a Conservative Tea Party wave […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Dec. 7, 2014

Bill Cassidy defeated Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate run-off so that means Republicans emerge from this year’s elections w nine additional Senate seats and will hold a 54-46 majority when lawmakers are sworn in next year. Among its victories, the GOP swept five Democratic senators from office. Landrieu becomes the 28th Democratic Senator who […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Nov. 30, 2014

Natalie Dubose is one of those lucky people who always knew exactly who she wanted to be. You see, from the time she was a young child, Natalie loved to bake. Folks in her neck of the woods say Natalie makes a heavenly Caramel Pecan Cake. Natalie would peddle her treats by setting up a […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Nov. 23, 2014

I am thankful to all of you who allow me to share my weekly Conservative perspective w you.

And thanks to those who forward my sermon to others … as well as those who have sent referrals. As always, I welcome more.

“Obama is Not a Monarch” — by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

The Constitution designs a system of checks and balances for our nation, and executive amnesty for immigrants here illegally unilaterally decreed from the White House would seriously undermine the law.

Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Nov. 16, 2014

Home of the Free, because of the Brave World War II veteran Justus Belfield spent 16 years in the Army, including a stint in Europe where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He also served during the Korean War when he worked as a recruiter in Syracuse. Belfield moved into the Baptist Health Nursing […]

Tom’s Sunday Sermon

Dear All, The B//CS Tea Party website is pleased to announce a new contributor: Tom Hammond with a weekly column: Tom’s Sunday Sermon. We hope you enjoy! Tom’s Sunday Sermon Many of you reached out w condolences on the passing of my brother, Johnny.  Thank you. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated in a challenging […]