Update: Citizens for Wellborn – 10-2014

Below is an informative newsletter from Jane Cohen, Citizens for Wellborn President. It is very important for all citizens in the Bryan/College Station community to be aware of specific events directly affecting the Creator-endowed rights of our neighbors. James Madison in Federalist 10 explains the necessity of the larger community to foster a respect for the […]

Appeal to Brazos County State Representatives

“Throughout most of human history, the rules by which life was governed were usually determined by force and fraud: he who had the power—whether military strength or political dominance—made the rules. The command of the absolute monarch or tyrannical despot was the rule and had the coercive force of the law. Rulers made up false […]

The Founder’s Solution: One Message of Objective Truth and Morality

When Creator endowed Liberty is replaced with Man-Endowed Privilege then Human Nature will reward itself. That we mistakenly call this Justice, is why it’s no longer safe to visit the local University McDonald’s in the wee morning hours or sit patiently waiting for an AMTRAK Train in San Antonio. The benefits of ONE moral message […]

Oligarchy’s War Against The Tea Party

or: The Deceitful Nature of the Statement: “The Tea Party Must Avoid Social Issues” The new conventional wisdom* circulating among “conservatives” is: The Tea Party Movement must avoid social issues if they are to remain effective in their original mission of promoting tax reform and the Constitution’s limited government. [*note: conventional wisdom is deeply rooted in man’s […]

Vetting Candidates by the Constitution, Criterion 4: Restoring Balance of Power

Why must civil government maintain a balance of power? A republic can only experience success if there exists Balance of Power within the government. As Madison points out in Federalist 10, the greatest threat to liberty is our own human nature. The influence of our human nature guided by our opinion remains the constant source […]

2013 Election and Texas Constitution Proposition Thoughts

The BCS Tea Party mission is to Teach, Empower, and Act and with this charge to promote the principles of liberty and prosperity as enumerated in the United States Constitution.  This mission is centered on issues and ideas not on personalities or candidates seeking positions of leadership.  We believe that a truthful examination of issues […]

Understanding American Exceptionalism

Why is the United States of America different from other nations? That we are even contemplating such a difference that is noted by observers from all over the world means that Culture itself is not an innate attribute. This one startling revelation brings to mind former President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel’s conclusion: The […]

A Funeral For Two Leaders

While the media focused on the death of North Korean despot Kim Jong Il, the coincident death of former Czech Republic President, Vaclav Havel went by largely unmentioned. This Election Year is Important Because There is Something Fundamental To Decide A comparison of the two leaders graphically explains this fundamental choice. Marc Theissen of The […]

Reason TV @ OWS

Peter Schiff, “investment guru, radio show host, and unflappable defender of capitalism spent three hours among the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.” Some Important Points: It is clear that our culture has lost touch with the reality of human nature – that all people are capable of every sort evil, vice, and […]

2011 Texas Constitution Amendments

Empower Texans have released a voter guide for the 2011 Texas Constitution Amendments.  Below is their overview of the proposed amendments and links for more information.   You can find our complete listing of the amendments, our take and recommendation, by visiting our website. There, you can also find a handy sample ballot noting our […]

Citizens For Wellborn: Protect Your Property Rights Symposium

Are You Concerned About Property Owner’s Rights? Thursday – September 22, 2011 – 6:30 p.m. Wellborn Community Center 4119 Greens Prairie West Speaker Marlene Lobberetch Building Property Owner’s Advocacy Strength   Citizens For Wellborn  P.O. Box  422, Wellborn, Texas  77881  

Clint Didier Explains The 3 E’s of Agenda 21

These two videos document Clint Didier’s informative and impassioned Tea Party speech that explains why America is not producing timber, oil, or other natural resources. He instructs us in how the cultural elites/globalist adherents want to control the: Economy Environment Equality Globalism is within both political parties. Know the buzz words. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXhPYhunlWM[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juW8N94ML64&feature=related[/youtube]

Agenda 21/ICLEI Ideas Enforced by EPA

Activist Judges Apply Pressure To Assure Conformity to “Agenda” Regulations Clint Didier is a Washington state wheat farmer and two-time super bowl champ. The EPA wants to deny Didier use of farming his property so they can create a buffer zone to prevent pesticides and herbicides from getting into the river system although there is […]

Agenda 21 For Dummies – Overview

College Station residents must be aware that their City Council has signed on to the Agenda 21 / ICLEI  – United Nations program of sustainable growth. Our community at large must be aware of the ramifications of this agreement and then work to outlaw these groups from operating within: College Station the larger community of […]

Living In An Atlas Shrugged World

If you have seen the newly released film Atlas Shrugged, or read the novel by Ayn Rand, you will appreciate this video from LearnLiberty.Org featuring Jennifer Burns, Professor, University of Virginia. Rand appreciates Liberty first and her characters are either innovative creators, or those that through incompetence or laziness stand by watching others create and […]

Atlas Shrugged film in theaters April 15

People who produce vs. an anti-production government Sound familiar? This is the theme of Ayn Rand’s classic Atlas Shrugged. The film opens in theaters April 15 (naturally). The trailer will be out Feb. 11 and premieres at CPAC in Washington D.C. (UPDATE: Posted below!) UPDATE ‘ATLAS SHRUGGED’ illustrates a world in which the burden of […]

The College Station Recall Petition Is About Ethics

The greatest threat to our nation is the lack of personal ethics of our elected representatives. The Tea Party Movement is taking the complaint that a politician will say anything in order to win your vote of confidence seriously. Civil Society is preserved when a man’s ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ can be trusted. Guile is the […]

Wall Street Journal: Tea Party Jolts Republican Party Just Like Reagan

Across the nation, the Tea Party is flexing its political muscle in its ability to unify a grassroots movement on the merits of limited government, low taxes, and responsible fiscal obligations. You are those very people and I love hearing first hand accounts from B/CS Tea Party members who have been able to attend the […]

We Are Americans for Prosperity… and Obama Is Scared!

When a professional organizer attacks a grassroots-driven group like Americans for Prosperity (AFP)with demagogy, with whom will you choose to stand? The paid affiliates of unions and lobbyists, or with common citizens coming together of their own accord? Hint: The common citizens are not paid, nor do they hope to receive funding from the taxpayers […]

These People Do Not Speak For The Rest Of Us

Democrats in their own words speaking in arrogance and in direct opposition to our Founding Fathers and Founding Documents. They do not speak for the rest of us. It is time to rally! It is time to stand shoulder to should in the streets, in the parks, on the steps of our Capitol buildings all […]