CSCOPE is a taxpayer-funded school curriculum program seeking to work against citizens’ elected will. The B/CS Tea Party supports Representative Steve Toth’s HB 760 which would put school curriculum under the oversight of the elected State Board of Education.

B/CS Tea Party Candidate Recommendations for selected contested races

(See a Sample Ballot [PDF] and other election info at Election May 29; early voting going on now.) Please see our update to the State Rep District 14 race, below. We’ve tried to look beyond the personalities and to seek candidates who are: guided more by principle than by pragmatism, or “whatever works” guided […]

The country needs your help, and now’s the time!

The founding fathers pledged their LIVES, FORTUNES, AND SACRED HONOR What will you pledge to the fight to preserve YOUR liberty and that of your family? This is a time for action not just words. You may feel you can’t make a difference but YOU CAN! We need your help!! The past few months have been spent […]

School Choice – “The Lottery”

One of the programs supported by the Bryan/College Station Tea Party is School Choice or Voucher Program. Parents want something good for their children regardless of demographics that try to subdivide them.  The fact is: It is simply not in the best interest of the future of our nation to force kids to attend a […]

SBOE & Social Studies Curriculum Deadline

The events of these past weeks with teachers in our tax payer funded public schools finding the American flag offensive. It is clear that unless our school administrators and teachers, along with textbooks, support the American founding principles and values such behavior will only lead to the destruction of our nation. Now is the time […]