Constitution Class time again!

We are so excited to report that we will be beginning our fourth Constitution in 10 Lessons class. The classes will begin: Sunday evening, June 23, 2013, from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.  at the NEW Brazos County Republican Headquarters, 1640 Briarcrest, Suite 122, Bryan, TX On the same page as the Founders Not in any of our lifetimes […]

The Conservative Immigration Reform Plan

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party does NOT support the plan referred to as: Conservative Immigration Reform. We view the Republican Party Leadership’s focus on illegal immigration reform as complete reactionary politics.

Publius Huldah Shows Federal Gun Control is Unlawful


Americans For Prosperity – Scorecard 112th Congress

Americans for Prosperity  ranks members of Congress based on their votes for economic freedom. Therefore, it is such a disappointment to once again discover that the Texas Republican Delegation in Washington, D.C. is not on the vanguard of defense of economic freedom, but instead the cow’s tail of status quo politics. Spend some time investigating the […]

The B/CS Tea Party Salutes Bruce Fuller

And His Work to Solve the Problem of Candidate Ballot Credentials in Texas. The Tea Party Movement is comprised of everyday citizens who take the initiative to solve problems they observe in our representative government. Such is the work of all classical republicans, who believe participation in the State is the highest service to their […]

Editorial: Why The Constitution Supports Armed Citizens.

This letter to the editor by Jim Maness first appeared in The Eagle in December, 2012. In wake of the tragedy in Connecticut and the “rush to judgment” by certain members of our society, some quotes by Ben Franklin are appropriate: “Freedom always perishes in name of security.” “Distrust and caution are the parents of security”. The […]

Statement: HR 325 No Budget, No Pay Act

The B/CS Tea Party rejects the HR 325 No Budget, No Pay Act as being unconstitutional (27th Amendment), and yet another example of trying to use human nature to fight human nature, rather than doing so with right constitutional principles.

Statement: Flores’ Vote on HR 152 – Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party applauds our Congressman, Rep. Bill Flores, for his NO vote on the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Bill. On Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013 the Congress of the United States voted whether Congress should give taxpayer money to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy – HR 152. Some might portray this to […]

It’s all about having a game plan

Please join us in 2013 and beyond to work toward these principles and plans! If we are all get on board with this, IT WILL WORK We can and must discuss the best way to get there, but to agree on where we are going is the only way to get there. Words mean something […]

Call to Action: H.R. 2453: Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Act

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Sometimes it’s a little thing that gives indication that your voice is actually considered. It is to this end that the Bryan/College Station Tea Party is requesting that you call our TX 17 Representative, Bill Flores in regards to a silly bill staged for a House […]

Washington’s Lame Duck Session – 2012

American For Prosperity posts a Lame Duck Primer The 112th Congress’s lame duck session presents several threats to economic freedom.  From billions in new and higher taxes to Congress going back on its agreement to finally reduce spending, the biggest fiscal issues are all in play right now. Read more at: Americans for Prosperity. Be sure […]

Nullification Headquarters

Thomas Woods is the author of Nullification and the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. While nullification is a topic the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about, for those of us that have tried the “contact your Congressman” route and been sadly disappointed we have gone back to our Thomas Jefferson/James Madison Tool Kit […]

The best way to celebrate Constitution Day? Learn it, teach it, and do your part to apply it!

Today is the 225th Anniversary of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution. It’s one of the most important political documents in history, but we don’t know it, and therefore we’ve stopped following it. Learn with us! The best thing to do about that? Come to our Constitution classes. Seriously, attend! It’s easy and fun. (But we […]


We reside in safely-Republican districts in a safely-Republican state, so what can we realistically do to help achieve a successful nationwide outcome? The answer lies in how we can help the swing districts and swing states, and to achieve successful national results in the upcoming elections we must do so!

Join us at our September meeting!

As those of us who are participating in our Constitution classes are seeing so clearly, the burden is on us, the citizens, to learn what our responsibilities are in a constitutional republic, and then to DO THEM. Our September meeting will continue this tradition.

“I Want To Be A Crony”

Children used to have aspirations to achieve greatness in the private sector. But what are they learning now? In Federalist 10, Madison referred to Factions—citizens united to subvert the liberties of other members of their own community. Today, we refer to Cronyism.  According to  The Crony Chronicles: Cronyism occurs when an individual or organization colludes […]

Pethokoukis: 3 Things Every Voter Needs To Know About Ryan’s Medicare Reform

James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute distills fellow columist Andrew Biggs’ article about the brilliance of the Paul Ryan pick for vice-president to explain some key facts about Ryan’s approach to saving Medicare into 3 easy to remember points.

2016: Obama’s America

Obama has a dream from his father. American has a dream from our Founding Fathers. Dinesh D’Sousa’s book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage is the basis for the film 2016: Obama’s America.

Budget dilemma indeed

After entitlements, we don’t have enough left for the federal government’s enumerated powers, much less the unconstitutional parts This is as straightforward a rundown of the numbers as I’ve seen, but the narrator gets one thing wrong after the math…

Keep informed and keep them accountable

In order to hold our elected representatives accountable, we citizens must keep ourselves informed about their activities, both in Congress and the Texas Legislature. The broadcast media are woefully inadequate for this purpose, but thankfully there are a few fabulous resources available on the internet: