Action Alert: Voting Equipment Decision Soon

The Brazos County Commissioners Court will be making a final decision very soon about purchasing new voting equipment. The initial cost will be nearly two million dollars and the equipment will used for many years to come. Voting equipment used in Texas must be certified by the Texas Secretary of State. Texas has approved only […]

Take a stand for American history

(This article first appeared as a guest editorial on Leonard Pitts said, “The tale of two Americas must be told.” (Eagle, Sept. 28) I agree. First he discussed some good things America has done. Then he told about some bad things America has done and gave his opinion that America contributed to the rise […]

2014 Texas Primary Results

Oligarchy Texas Style Or: “Can you step that product one more time, so I can get a cut?” The March 3, 2014 Texas Primary will be a date of infamy for those continuing to succor that legendary mythology which has defined Texas Liberty. To even discuss the stuff of legend and mythology in this post-Christian […]

Editorial: What We Don’t Know Is Hurting Us

This editorial first appeared at The American Thinker Blog and was later reposted at One reason the conservative movement is faltering is because we are more like the dominant anti-fact culture than we would like to admit. To think that we are not tainted by the culture in which we live is not only dangerous, but irrational.

Editorial: Why The Constitution Supports Armed Citizens.

This letter to the editor by Jim Maness first appeared in The Eagle in December, 2012. In wake of the tragedy in Connecticut and the “rush to judgment” by certain members of our society, some quotes by Ben Franklin are appropriate: “Freedom always perishes in name of security.” “Distrust and caution are the parents of security”. The […]

Jody Quimby for State Republican Executive Committee – Senate District 5

The Texas State Republican Convention will be held on June 7-9, 2012 in Ft. Worth. I will be serving as one of the Brazos County delegates to the GOP convention. Many Tea Party Republicans will participate in this convention; I will be one of them.

The Danger of Radical Equality and Its Cure

[This op-ed was first posted at which is the premier political/cultural blog for Texas.]   We are a nation that prides itself for acknowledging the principle of equality, but as wisdom instructs: Pride is the first step to self-created destruction. The frailty of human willpower ensures that the ability to practice a virtue eventually devolves […]

Sam Sharp…I am not

This is a repost of my article on my own blog. Sam Sharp died on Wednesday. He was 80 years old. This came as a shock to me this morning when I heard it on the news. I still don’t know quite what to say. I do know that The Eagle and WTAW have not […]

A Balanced Budget Amendment only treats the symptoms

When you simply treat the symptoms of a deadly disease, you may feel better for a time. But the disease is still killing you.

Why I Support Herman Cain

The only way to find a political candidate that you agree 100% with is to run for office yourself. So every four years Americans must weigh the issues that matter to them and judge the character of the candidates based on evidence that can be seen. In such an important election year, please consider Herman […]

Who do you want Flores to work for?

To start this conversation let me say I’ve done some work for Bill Flores before he decided to run for Congress. He gave his phone number and when I called he answered, not a secretary. He’s a straight up hard working Texan. He spent a lot of time and money to stand up to speak […]

College Station City Council Election

(see also our earlier article: The College Station recall petition is about ethics.) The May 10th page of The Eagle’s letter to the editor/opinion page offers considerable insight into the use of faction politics. As we learned in our reading of Madison’s Federalist #10, a faction consists of “…a number of citizens, whether amounting to […]

Wellborn v. College Station: A Matter of Self-Determination

Look through the binoculars of history, and you can see many an issue spread out among the fertile fields of people going about their business, with those issues fading into the fabric of those daily lives. The timeline of history seems to move along with relatively few bumps, and from those broad-sweeping binoculars, local issues […]