A conservative social and economic agenda—our goal also!

It is our responsibility as citizens [ref]i.e., it is our Creator-endowed self-interest[/ref] to make clear to our elected representatives that they perform their first duty — to protect our Creator-endowed rights from oppression by the established government. Such protection is accomplished only by focused adherence to the Rule of Law. “A conservative social and economic agenda.” Watch closely Bill Flores, our U.S.Representative […]

City Council of College Station, Tx to raise taxes

This is important news for all citizens of the Bryan/College Station area, because of the creeping aspect when bad behavior is unchallenged. An open letter from Jess Fields: In this year’s budget, the City of College Station is doing something quite surprising. In spite of rising tax revenue from both property and sales taxes, the […]

2013 Election and Texas Constitution Proposition Thoughts

The BCS Tea Party mission is to Teach, Empower, and Act and with this charge to promote the principles of liberty and prosperity as enumerated in the United States Constitution.  This mission is centered on issues and ideas not on personalities or candidates seeking positions of leadership.  We believe that a truthful examination of issues […]

Call to Action: H.R. 2453: Mark Twain Commemorative Coin Act

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Sometimes it’s a little thing that gives indication that your voice is actually considered. It is to this end that the Bryan/College Station Tea Party is requesting that you call our TX 17 Representative, Bill Flores in regards to a silly bill staged for a House […]

Washington’s Lame Duck Session – 2012

American For Prosperity posts a Lame Duck Primer The 112th Congress’s lame duck session presents several threats to economic freedom.  From billions in new and higher taxes to Congress going back on its agreement to finally reduce spending, the biggest fiscal issues are all in play right now. Read more at: Americans for Prosperity. Be sure […]

Budget dilemma indeed

After entitlements, we don’t have enough left for the federal government’s enumerated powers, much less the unconstitutional parts This is as straightforward a rundown of the numbers as I’ve seen, but the narrator gets one thing wrong after the math…

Understanding Our National Debt

Debt gains control exponentially by consuming future earnings. A future denied discretionary cash after expenses is devoid of savings or  investments. While Popeye’s Wimpy was always willing to pay you on Thursday for borrowed money for a hamburger today, a national debt approaching $20 Trillion forces those repayment Thursdays so far into the future that […]

A Balanced Budget Amendment only treats the symptoms

When you simply treat the symptoms of a deadly disease, you may feel better for a time. But the disease is still killing you.

Reason TV @ OWS

Peter Schiff, “investment guru, radio show host, and unflappable defender of capitalism spent three hours among the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.” Some Important Points: It is clear that our culture has lost touch with the reality of human nature – that all people are capable of every sort evil, vice, and […]

AFP-TX: Green Scissors

Green Scissors: Cutting Wasteful & Environmentally Harmful Spending   Peggy Venable of Americans For Prosperity – Texas released the following statements in support of the release of this Left-Right Coalition paper.  http://www.foe.org/sites/default/files/Green_Scissors_2011.pdf    “America currently faces the toughest economic challenges seen in generations. We agree with Green Scissors that as our federal government faces a $1.65 […]

Mark Gillar Interviews Mark Steyn

Our own Mark Gillar hits the big time, not only for interviewing the indomitable Mark Steyn, but for his interview being referenced on Steyn’s own website (scroll down to “The Other Stockholm Syndrome” under “Steyn this Week”). This is an incredible honor as Steyn is booked for interviews every 15 minutes. To have the Tea […]

Super Congress Requires Super Transparency

Several years ago, I was participating in the vanguard reporting how technology was able to put us in contact with our elected officials through Real Time News. The Sun Light Foundation was leading us as we plowed on toward the cutting edge. Soon after, we had the exciting “Don’t Go!” Tweet Thunder through the new […]

Planned Economy Or Planned Destruction?

The more things change, the more they remain the same and those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The Chicago Tribune ran this political cartoon in 1934 and unlike the one liner’s of today, this artist has an entire philosophy described succinctly in one picture. So, much for our current population […]

The Tea Party and the Debt Ceiling Compromise

One thing is clear in regards to the Tea Party Movement’s input in the recent Debt Ceiling Compromise quickly signed into law by President Obama—Tea Party Conservatism is rooted in the reality of absolute truths. While this is our greatest strength, we live in a culture steeped in Postmodern relativism in which the greatest social […]

Dirty Spending Secrets

In answer to the latest Obama Press Conference which not only savaged the private jet industry, but mocked the idea that the Obama Administration could even consider cutting spending, so vital is every program to our ability to exist, comes a new website: DirtySpendingSecrets.com. Visit the site and you read: It’s the seedy underbelly of […]

Going For The Green

Legislators love to fund groups back home with the taxpayer’s money. Funding these groups is supposedly the key to re-election. This video only scratches the surface of what happens after a legislator funds a “Green Advocacy Group” group back home in his home state or district. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvUEuBjDMgc[/youtube] Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R- Wyoming) has introduced The […]

10 Myths About the Ryan Budget

The Heritage Foundation Research Department has consolidated 10 Myths About the Ryan Budget. Runaway spending and deficits continue to grow unabated in part because any attempts to rein them in are relentlessly demagogued by defenders of big government. The latest example is the budget recently authored by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R–WI) and […]

Why Congress Only Cut $38 Billion

As Conservatives/Classical Liberals try to change Washington, D.C. politics, we ultimately have to face the fact that both parties must desire national debt – they just disagree on what we should go in debt to purchase – because they are the only people that get to vote on the issue. As James Madison wrote in […]

You Are Needed In Austin – April 6th

Road Trip: Bryan/College Station Tea Party Goes to Austin Wednesday – April 6, 2011 Texas Tea Parties and other Texas Conservative Activist Groups will be converging on the Texas State Capitol next Wednesday and we want the Bryan/College Station Tea Party to be there! According to Americans for Prosperity – Texas: Tea Party and limited […]

Sen. McConnell: What’s “Extreme”? SPENDING!

While the Senate Democrats are busy trying to establish the public’s opinion to link the Tea Party with the word “extreme”, this morning Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) defended the Tea Party from the floor of the Senate. McConnell begins: If you ask me, the goals of the Tea Party sound pretty reasonable. These folks recognize […]