City Council of College Station, Tx to raise taxes

This is important news for all citizens of the Bryan/College Station area, because of the creeping aspect when bad behavior is unchallenged. An open letter from Jess Fields: In this year’s budget, the City of College Station is doing something quite surprising. In spite of rising tax revenue from both property and sales taxes, the […]

Connecting The Dots: Establishment Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce

The need for Leadership rather than the inevitablility of outcome from mere Facilitators. Apart from We the People, our community is suffering from an appalling lack of leadership from elected officials, directors of public services, and the local news media. Instead, we are overwhelmed with facilitators of inevitability. The absence of common sense – the republican […]

RIGHT NOW: Join these Public Opportunities to Express Our Mutual Resistance to Unconstitutional Lawlessness.

1.   Illegal Border Kids Coming to Bryan Location: Bryan Army Reserve Building (Condemned/ Vacant)    521 West Carson St., Bryan, TX Time: Daily as citizens are available. Contact these people via FaceBook:  Brandi Valentine, Shannon Woolard, Marty Bohn. These patriots led the Overpasses For Impeachment Make a SIGN. Bring some water. Wear sunscreen and hats. Fly […]

Oligarchy’s War Against The Tea Party

or: The Deceitful Nature of the Statement: “The Tea Party Must Avoid Social Issues” The new conventional wisdom* circulating among “conservatives” is: The Tea Party Movement must avoid social issues if they are to remain effective in their original mission of promoting tax reform and the Constitution’s limited government. [*note: conventional wisdom is deeply rooted in man’s […]

2014 Texas Primary Results

Oligarchy Texas Style Or: “Can you step that product one more time, so I can get a cut?” The March 3, 2014 Texas Primary will be a date of infamy for those continuing to succor that legendary mythology which has defined Texas Liberty. To even discuss the stuff of legend and mythology in this post-Christian […]

2013 Election and Texas Constitution Proposition Thoughts

The BCS Tea Party mission is to Teach, Empower, and Act and with this charge to promote the principles of liberty and prosperity as enumerated in the United States Constitution.  This mission is centered on issues and ideas not on personalities or candidates seeking positions of leadership.  We believe that a truthful examination of issues […]

The Dictionary Project

The Dictionary Project is a national organization with a goal to: …assist all students to become good writers, active readers and creative thinkers by providing students a gift of their own personal dictionary.* The Republican Party of Ellis County has participated in this project for the past ten years. Over that time the community has […]


CSCOPE is a taxpayer-funded school curriculum program seeking to work against citizens’ elected will. The B/CS Tea Party supports Representative Steve Toth’s HB 760 which would put school curriculum under the oversight of the elected State Board of Education.

Raging Elephants tells the truth about Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party made calls to our two area State Representatives: John Raney (TX 14) — (512) 463-0698 or (979) 260-5040 and Kyle Kacal (TX 12) — (512) 463-0412 asking them— dare we say— begging them—to not return the Texas Speaker’s gavel to Joe Straus. We were ignored. Regardless, our concerns were absolutely justified. Read below […]

Changes for the B/CS Tea Party, including our meeting day!

Big changes are in store for the Bryan/College Station Tea Party.  We are moving our monthly meeting to the 2nd Thursday of the month, so that we can also attend the Republican Executive Board meeting which meets the 1st Thursday of each month. Our campaign to fill Republican Party precinct chairs was hugely successful. Thanks […]

Run From Tyranny to Liberty

“Who holds your liberty? Let Congress know that you lend them their power.” “It is time to understand that the government is not God.” – Rev. C.L. Bryant

Change The Course of the GOP!

The Republican Party of Brazos County is looking for Precinct Chairs Precinct Chair Filing Form (PDF) GOP open positions (PDF) The deadline is Thursday, October 4 The 254 counties in Texas are further divided into voter precincts, each led by a Precinct Chair. Precinct Chairs are the lifeblood of the Republican Party. They sit on their county’s […]

“I Want To Be A Crony”

Children used to have aspirations to achieve greatness in the private sector. But what are they learning now? In Federalist 10, Madison referred to Factions—citizens united to subvert the liberties of other members of their own community. Today, we refer to Cronyism.  According to  The Crony Chronicles: Cronyism occurs when an individual or organization colludes […]

Remember to vote!

If you didn’t vote early, please remember to vote tomorrow!! If you’re unsure of your polling place, or if you’d like to see a sample ballot, check

As a recap, here are some recommendations: Ted Cruz – U.S. Senator…

Rep. Flores (TX-17) – Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act

“The federal government has issued over 41,000 pages of new Rules & Regulations so far this year. Of these, 167 are deemed ‘economically significant’, meaning each of them will cost the American economy $100 million or more during each year…”

Run-off Election Candidate Forum

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party teaches that the best way to vet a candidate is to meet the candidate in person and ask your own questions. Republican Women of Brazos Valley WTAW Radio Present   Brazos County Republican Runoff Candidates Forum Tuesday, July 17, 2012 6:00 PM Hilton College Station             Oakwood Ballroom   Brazos County […]

A Quick Reminder About the Joe Straus Issue

And Why It Matters In This Election Cycle Previous History A virtual coup that subverted the will of the people occurred when Joe Straus in the 2009 81st Legislature made his move to become Speaker of the House. Straus began his “conservative” campaign for Speaker by first engaging the 65 Democratic Party House members to […]

B/CS Tea Party Candidate Recommendations for selected contested races

(See a Sample Ballot [PDF] and other election info at Election May 29; early voting going on now.) Please see our update to the State Rep District 14 race, below. We’ve tried to look beyond the personalities and to seek candidates who are: guided more by principle than by pragmatism, or “whatever works” guided […]

Will You Vote The Values?

Test of Fire: The 2012 Election. The Catholic Church produced this video that highlights exactly what this election is about. Will you vote the values that will stand the test of fire? Some things are more important than high gas prices or a faltering economy. They are life, marriage and freedom. Primary Voting is the […]

Let’s Support Nathan for Patriot Academy

College student Nathan Exley gave us a great presentation at our monthly meeting last week. He is currently raising funds to attend Patriot Academy, a five-day political training program where students learn about America’s system of government.