Thanks everyone!

For the last two years, we knew that Priority One here in Texas Congressional District 17 was removing Chet Edwards from office. So, to everyone involved in making this happen, THANK YOU!! There will be much to do for the next two years. But for now, congratulations Bill Flores, and thank you to everyone who […]

National Review – Targeting Chet Edwards

National Review, the premier conservative magazine, has posted an article by Andrew Stiles – Targeting Chet Edwards. Although the article is more Beltway than District 17, the fact is that Chet Edwards will have no one to blame but himself if he fails to be re-elected.

Resourceful TX-17 citizens

Hopefully, others who are offering clever items for sale covering the upcoming Texas-17 congressional race will add their contact information in the comment section of this post. Here are two I’ve seen most recently: At the November is Coming National Bus Tour stop last month in Hensel Park, a representative from Conservative News and Satire […]

Project Vote Smart

In futurist Alvin Toffler’s books Powershift and The Third Wave, he proposes that Western Civilization’s technological advances that have ushered in the ability to gather information are our greatest source of power. Just as the Age of Enlightenment brought about the creation of our own nation – the first nation in the history of the world […]

Endgame – A Look At the National Debt

It is estimated that the National Debt under the 111th Congress and President Obama in 10 years will be 90% of our economy. That means our children will never attain the lifestyle of their grandparents. This is not a future. This is a nightmare! [youtube=]

Chet Edwards is Hostile to Taxpayers

Earlier this month, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste listed Chet Edwards (D-TX 17) as ‘hostile’ to the American taxpayer.  U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards (D-Waco) is the most proficient earmarker, accounting for $378 million in pork for 201 projects in the budgets for fiscal years 2008, 2009 and 2010. Next is Rep. Kay Granger […]

November Is Coming Bus Tour Coming to B/CS!!

Great News!  The Americans For Prosperity – November is Coming national bus tour is coming to Texas and is making a stop right here in Bryan/College Station. The purpose of the November is Coming National Bus Tour is to hold elected officials accountable for their votes in the government takeover of health care, cap-and-trade energy […]

Texas Democrats Do The Duck and Cover Drill

Hey all you kids from the 60’s! Remember those “Duck and Cover” drills in elementary schools? Well, when it comes to being seen and photographed standing with President Obama, Texas Democrats like Bill White and Chet Edwards (D-TX 17) are practicing the new Duck and Cover Drill. [youtube=] Thanks Empower Texans for another great video.

Obama the Albatross to Texas Democrats

This news is from Empower Texans: President Obama is clearly an albatross around the neck of the state’s top Democratic Party candidates. In fact, some — like liberal Carol Kent (the accidental state rep. in Dallas) — have gone so far as to try to tie Obama around their Republican challengers. Nice try, if typically […]

The You Cut Program is a Success

The You Cut Program put into action by House Republican Whip Eric Cantor is a huge success. Now we need you! This week they reached the 1,000,000th vote from citizens across the nation demanding reduction in government spending. Each week we are given five proposals to vote on and then the Republicans in the House […]

Chet Edwards Supports Wasteful Spending

This video from Republican Whip Eric Cantor’s  You Cut Program explains how much money is being spent on highway signs that herald a work zone paid for by last year’s stimulus bill and Putting Americans Back to Work. If you have traveled the highways of other states you may have seen these signs promoting a […]

A Future Feudalism

This video of a special order speech by Rep. Michelle Bachman reveals the return to feudalism in today’s Congress. This is the stuff of pre Magna Carta, where we the people are nothing more than peasants groveling in the dirt while obsequiously tugging at our forelock in our genuflecting to avoid the wrath of our […]

November: A Referendum On What America Will Be

Dennis Prager is a brilliant thinker and explains succinctly and passionately about what this November 2010 election means in this clip – A referendum on what we want America to be.  Allowing Chet Edwards to return to Washington, D.C. as our representative will only hasten our own demise.

Dr. John Painter – The Battle For America

At our next potluck dinner this Thursday (place/time details here) Dr. John Painter will give a presentation entitled “The Road to Independence: How to Restore Our Constitutional Republic.” Here’s what Dr. Painter sent describing his background: Boy Navigator in the Air Force, 1954-1958 active duty. Hardship Outpost at West Palm Beach, FL. Ex-GI Student on Korean […]

The Conservative Colonies

People in the Tea Party Movement are individualists. If we are for something or against something, it is because our experience and principles have taught us to take that position. But, for now, we all face a common enemy that transcends our differences. The HBO miniseries John Adams did a great job of dramatizing the […]

Time To Call Chet

I received this notice from the Austin Tea Party group. The America Competes Act will assure the exact opposite because less energy will harm America and Americans. This from Congressman Lamar Smith The “COMPETES” Act—More Government, More Spending In addition to the basic research and development policy shift, the bill also expands its emphasis on […]

Pay-As-You-Go really means Pay-As-I-Say!

This article by Senator Mike Enzi (R-WYO) takes to task Chet Edwards’ constant drip, drip promise about the merits of Pay-As-You-Go. I have always viewed Chet’s plan of Pay-Go as a way to raise taxes while also fully controlling every aspect of economic growth. A free economy produces more revenue to tax coffers than the […]

The High Cost of False Benevolence

While we were at our Brazos Valley Win in 2010 April 15th Tea Party, Chet Edwards (D-TX17) was passing the kind of legislation that vexes our sensibilities – the bundling of unemployment benefits for federal employees (can there be an unemployed Federal worker in this age of government overreach?) with necessary pandering to garner votes. […]

Chet's True View of Obama Care

The word from Tea Party members from Texas that were present in the House Gallery during the Health Care Vote is that Chet Edwards cheered wildly upon passage of the bill. True colors, indeed….

American Thinker: Aristotle's Warning

American Thinker: Aristotle’s Warning. This article lays out the warning for the trend of a constitution to be changed from one of liberty to one of equality. The call for equality creates class warfare. Producing, hard-working people become the slaves of those with less. The populist demagogue promises equality for all, undermining the very constitution […]