The Agenda: free viewing

If you haven’t yet seen The Agenda: Grinding America Down, you should do so NOW. This must-see video documentary is available for free viewing during the next two weeks; usually you have to pay $15-20 to buy the DVD. It is about the history of Marxist front groups in America, and shows how we are […]


We reside in safely-Republican districts in a safely-Republican state, so what can we realistically do to help achieve a successful nationwide outcome? The answer lies in how we can help the swing districts and swing states, and to achieve successful national results in the upcoming elections we must do so!

Keep informed and keep them accountable

In order to hold our elected representatives accountable, we citizens must keep ourselves informed about their activities, both in Congress and the Texas Legislature. The broadcast media are woefully inadequate for this purpose, but thankfully there are a few fabulous resources available on the internet: