The Bryan/College Station, Texas Tea Party is a non-affiliated grassroots organization of local citizens united by certain ideas and concerns about the future of our nation. The Bryan/College Station Tea Party is united in support of The Constitution of the United States of America and The Declaration of Independence.

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Although shy and rarely seen publicly, the jackalope is a contemplative creature with a natural bent toward pondering the complexities of human nature. The voice of the jackalope has been likened to that of an Old Testament prophet, because while the hearer hates what he hears, he becomes mesmerized by the voice and cant wait to hear that next provocation…

The Jackalope

This site is being put together by Nancy Coppock, wife, dog owner, decorative artist and political blogger. Nancy is a contributor at American Thinker (her articles) and writes about national politics and issues specific to Texas District 17 at The Jackalope’s Voice.

The jackalope with friend Michelle Malkin

Nancy Coppock, aka the jackalope, with friend Michelle Malkin


  1. Doris Pilger says:

    This is very interesting to me and I am deeply concerned about where our country is going.
    Please put me on your mailing list if this is possible. My son, Rick Pilger, forwarded this to me and I plan to be at Tanglewood Park. I now
    live in Franklin and will see if I can generate some interest here.

  2. ncoppock says:

    Thank You Doris!

    We appreciate you bringing in people from Robertson County!

    I’ve added you to our list of Tea Party Indians.

  3. I am honored to be singing our National Anthem for this truly patriotic event……
    I pray that it stirs the minds and hearts of all to love their country even more by way of thought and deed.
    All the Best!!!

  4. Jim Carter says:

    Thanks to all who are organizing this Tea Party. Count me in.

  5. ncoppock says:


    We are thrilled to have you sing at our event. Please contact me at your earliest convience

    Nancy Coppock

  6. ncoppock says:


    Thanks to you for being a Tea Party Indian!

    Share this site with your own contacts. We are like pony express riders spreading the word.

    Nancy Coppock

  7. I want my country back! I’ll be there.

  8. ncoppock says:


    Please email your friends this website and ask them to do the same.

    We must spread the word and the web is easy and FREE! This is a grassroots run event and we need everyone to help spread the word.


  9. Jim Moore says:

    Thank you for organizing the tea party. My wife and I will be there. If you have an e-mail list please put me it the mix. I will notify all of my e-mail friends.

  10. Jim Moore says:

    Thanks for organizing the tea party. My wife and I will be there.

  11. Joe Ligon says:

    Hooray, here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The word is getting out. I have been notified twice today already. Now is it my turn?
    Linda and I will be there, as will a lot of our friends.
    The Declaration of Independance, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights. OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS! They have served us well and guided us with finesse and dignity for over two hundred years. We must honor our forefathers and their foresight. It is obvious they were inspired as well as very very knowledgeable.
    The “change” going on should not alter the basics which our forefathers gave us.
    “Protect and defend the Constitution” Have we not ALL sworn to do so?
    I know I have.

  12. I just saw an article saying that the Senate is considering bills giving Obama the power to shut down the Internet in the event of a national emergency! This “change” is taking away our freedom of speech and our democracy/republic!

  13. We will be there. Thanks for making this happen.

  14. Chris Barnes says:

    Why have this event when a bigger Tea party is scheduled for the same time at Veteran’s park? Part of the point of a grassroot’s movement is to show unity for the cause….

  15. ncoppock says:


    We will discuss this at our planning meeting tonight.

    Nancy Coppock

  16. I have been appalled at the direction this country is moving! I may be Canadian, but I will be American soon enough! I am trying to gather friends to come out with me!

    Can I sign the Postcards if I am not actually able to vote?

    • Andrew,

      Thank you for being a part of this movement! I think that all you need to do on your postcards is to add a note saying that you will soon be a voting citizen. If that will be before the Nov. ’10 election, then your postcards will have the intended impact.

      Thank you!!

  17. Kathleen Spain says:

    Nancy, Hi I was at the Tea Party with my family. I was the large woman sitting in the front row making a video which I will share as soon as I have a breather. First I just wanted to say Thank you for a wonderful Tea Party, these things are not easy to do…I was Helping Amy Cox also with the one in Burleson. I to am an advocate in restoring our Country, I am now working with Gerry Donaldson a Constitutional speaker in having a Texas Constitutional Rally here in Bryan. I am having to do all the foot work, and I remember you saying that you round up all this, maybe you can point me in the right directions…I really don’t want to be a pest, but I think the more we get people together the more we can accomplish. My number is 979-450-9247…Thank you again

    Kathy Spain

  18. Kathleen Spain says:

    Hiya Nancy,
    I have reserved a conference Room for our Texas Rally, at the College Station Conference center across from the golf course and Bizzell.
    May 23 at 1:00pm, as soon as I get the flyers I will shoot one over to you. Thank you so much for helping me.

  19. Kathleen Spain says:

    Hi Nancy
    We definetly are getting it together…We have decided to work with The Peoples Grand Jury
    http://americangrandjury.org/ That will be the focus for the May 23rd Rally. We will be setting up a one in each county of Texas. Yes and one in Brazos also…and Grimes. I will be working with Gerry Donaldson a Constitutional Scholar in taking back of our country. I still need you to let people know of this…He still hasnt shot me a flier yet, They have started a Patriot Radio, and it is awesome…Here is the link and part of the e-mail.

    Download the show from last night on://www.blogtalkradio.com/Sentinel_Radio where I was on talking about the Citizens Grand Juries we’ll form in every county. We’re moving fast on this and I’ll need your assistance in Brazos county. In getting the word out for this meeting. We need to start setting up Jurors.

    Nancy I am so excited about this!!! The link will take you to the radio cast…It explains how we are setting up these Peoples Grand Jury. Very intersting!!!

    If anyone has questions please call me!! 979-450-9247

    Kathy Spain

  20. Kathleen Spain says:

    Heres the link to The Mark S. McGrew Show – Gerald Donaldson – How to enforce a people’s Grand Jury Indictment


  21. Kathleen Spain says:


    Here is the link for the Flier, we are having it this Saturday,

    Take Back America Rally


  22. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    If we are to truly restore the Republic, we are going to have to choose to STOP being partisans and become constitutionalists. The rules of the political game really do, in large part, determine the outcome. Some of our best patriots were included certain US Supreme Court justices of the early & mid 20th century. They recognized that in order for liberty to be the rule and not the exception, the latter of which most of history as attested to, the primacy of the individual and the rule of law MUST be the foundational basis for our political system, otherwise there is virtually no difference philosophically between this country and any other. It is to the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, and not political parties, that we owe allegiance to, especially when those politicians as professional con-men, while wrapping themselves in the Old Glory, sell us down to the river to thugs in suits who are not accountable to any sovereign nation on this planet.

  23. Shirley in Rob. Co. says:

    Us this group still active? Anything in Brazos or Robertson Counties going on now, just a couple months before the Nov. elections?

  24. Paul Underwood says:

    Please put me on your email list. Im a transplant from west Texas. The Movement is strong there. Glad to see one here.
    Texan by birth American by right.

  25. Bill Corbridge says:

    Please put me on your mailing list. We are building a home in College Station and will be moving to the area mid-2011. Will want to join up with you guys when we get there.



  26. Rebecca Burnett says:

    please put me on your mailing list. I was in the dog food isle at Kroger when you offered me your card. What a God-send! I have been looking for ways to get involved. Thanks and look forward to getting our Nation back! I fear of how indebted we have become to foreign nations and how we will EVER make things right again.

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