Voter Fraud Alert: ***ACTION NEEDED NOW***

The clock is tickingThe “Illegals should not vote” Action Toolkit

From the Texas Conservative Coalition:

Time is running out.  With Early Voting only 54 days away, state officials have known about the thousands of illegally registered voters for a long time, but have not acted.  At least six elections (Primary, Primary Runoff, local municipal/school board/community college/bond elections and special elections) have come and gone and nothing has been done to remove illegally registered people from Texas voter rolls. There is no excuse for this inaction.

Texas should be leading the nation as a shining example of election integrity – but we aren’t. With President Trump regularly talking about potential voter fraud, Texas would have his full support.  What are our officials waiting for? There is no excuse for this inaction.

The time for action is NOW. If you don’t want our Nov. 6 General Election outcomes to be determined by illegal voters, then you must act now! 

We are calling upon the Attorney General’s office to release the data. The people of Texas have a right to know.  We are calling upon the Governor to act – release a specific plan to fight and tackle this problem BEFORE the November election. They’ve sat on this for nearly a year. Their inaction puts the entire November election at risk. 

…we’ve put together a toolkit for you to use. There are sample social media posts and scripts for calls to the Offices of Governor and Texas Attorney General.  In the next few days, we have a chance to influence these officials who have the POWER to secure our Nov. 6 General Election.

Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition letter to Governor Abbott:

Numbers of potential illegal voters revealed – follow up to August 16 Press Conference – Aaron Harris and JoAnn Fleming:

Recording of Tuesday 8/29/18 Conference call briefing with Aaron & JoAnn:

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