July meeting: Texans Against High Speed Rail, Inc.

Note the date and venue change!

MONDAY, July 16, 6:30 PM

1520 Rock Prairie Road, College Station

This meeting will feature a presentation by Kyle Workman, President of Texans Against High Speed Rail, Inc., an organization dedicated to the opposition of high-speed rail in the State of Texas.

The proponents of high-speed rail have had a lot of good advertising, but those in opposition to high-speed rail are not heard from as much. Many serious issues must be considered when deciding whether to support or oppose high-speed rail in Texas.  As we all know, any large project has pros and cons and the larger the project, the higher the risk. This presentation will provide information that most people probably have not heard or considered regarding the proposed high-speed rail project.

Please make plans to join us for an occasion to be better informed to make your decision about this very important topic.

 Kyle Workman, a Leon County resident, was a General Contractor for 15 years prior to selling his family business to focus his career on construction consulting, both project management and litigation support. Mr. Workman serves on the Board of the Central Texas Chapter of the Folds of Honor and the Advisory Committee of the Texas Homeschool Coalition. He is volunteering his time to lead Texans Against High Speed Rail, Inc., serving as President. Since 2015, Texans Against High-Speed Rail has led both the grassroots effort across the State and the legislative efforts in Austin and DC to stop the so-called Dallas to Houston “Bullet Train.” Texas property owners have joined together to pool both financial and professional resources to stand up to a private company’s attempt to use the authority of eminent domain for a project that hasn’t been properly vetted and with no public need established. After attending a presentation by Mr. Workman, opponents and supporters of HSR alike have a better understanding why this project is no good for Texas and how it threatens the future success of high-speed rail and innovative transportation solutions for our State.



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