May meeting: County GOP Convention Platform discussion

Click to download the platform. It is excellent reading.

Bryan College Station Tea Party meetingĀ  Thursday May 17, 6:30 PM
Outback Steak House in College Station (2102 Texas Ave South)

Consider arriving early at about 6:00 PM for dinner and hearty discussion before the meeting.

Although the B/CS Tea Party is not a political party, we do encourage enthusiastic participation in the political process to promote Constitutional Principles and common-sense solutions. The recent Brazos GOP County Convention included an interesting mix of resolutions proposed for the Brazos GOP Platform.

Join us for a presentation and discussion about resolutions that were proposed and debated; some were adopted and some defeated.

The Brazos GOP 2018 Platform adopted at the County Convention is available (click here), please review it before the meeting.


  1. Maybe the July meeting can be the third Constitution Boot Camp!!

    Or perhaps, for July, have a showing of the movie, “In Search for Liberty”. Then schedule the August meeting to be a Constitution Boot Camp event. The movie complements the Boot Camp program be “setting the table”, especially for those who are not sure about why study the Constitution at all. It appeals to the younger generation really well. Go here to see a short trailer: http://www.insearchofliberty. I will have the DVD available for you if you want it.

    For the two events, you can contact A&M campus group of Turning Point USA to see if their group would like to attend!! Hopefully, this group at U of T in Arlington will be scheduling an event early in the coming Fall semester.

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