February meeting: challenger candidates for Texas House District 14 (UPDATE: and for County Chair)

Texas House of RepresentativesRepublican Party of Brazos CountyThursday, February 15 at 6:30pm
Southwood Community Center, 1520 Rock Prairie Road 

College Station

The B/CS Tea Party meeting on February 15 will be an opportunity for challenger candidates in the Texas House District 14 race to present their campaigns and answer questions from the audience.

The Primary Election is important. Usually, it is more important than the November General Election. Incumbent candidates generally have an advantage over challengers because of their name recognition, regardless of what their record reveals about them.

Challenger candidates include:

(Challenger Jeston Texeira has let us know that he is unable to attend.)

Challenge for the Brazos GOP Chair

Also, we will have the two opponents for the office of Chairman of the Republican Party of Brazos County. Current Chair Paul Rieger and challenger David Hilburn will present and take your questions.

Here is an article with more information from the Eagle: Brazos County Republican Party chairman draws challenger. Make sure to read all the way through.

Why do we need a new state representative in District 14?

See the chart on this page, showing John Raney as one of the most liberal-voting Republicans in the Texas House: https://www.tribtalk.org/2017/06/09/the-2017-texas-house-from-left-to-right/ (on the chart, see him way down there almost to the Democrats?). We need a conservative representative. John Raney votes almost as bad as a Democrat!

Please join us for a healthy discussion about the issues in these races!


  1. tommy McGilvray says:

    I am concerned that Texas #1 Texas will turn blue
    #2 Our school problems are not solved by more tax money
    #3 Border security
    #4 Supporting the President

  2. Representative Raney has been tight with the Joe Straus crowd, blocking Republican and Governor Abbott plank items from getting a floor vote in the predominately Republican State House of Representatives. They act as a cork in the bottle of conservative laws. He has even secretly made war on the county Republican Party. We need to rid ourselves of this closet liberal. Come hear the opponents and make your choice.

  3. Keep it Transparent says:

    I notice that David Hilburn has been a supporter of John Raney (see just over half-way down the page): https://finance.transparencytexas.org/candidate/john-n-raney-coh?p=4

  4. Paul Marvin says:

    The support of Hillburn by Rayne and Flores is a red flag. If you know flores you know he is thin skinned and does not like bring challenged on his votes. He’s voted for every debt increase in the 12 of 14 years he been there and does not like to be reminded of his promise not to do so. Rayne hasta terrible track record on spending and I understand that in private claims he’s a moderate, not a conservative. His record speaks plainly. He’s not a conservative when it comes to spending

    • B/CS Tea Party says:

      While Bill Flores was elected in 2010, if he stays in for 12 or 14 years he’ll likely continue voting for debt increases…

  5. Michael Downing says:

    Please send me a Ted Cruz yard sign

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