Action Items: know, support, or BE your precinct’s chairperson

Republican Party of Brazos CountyACTION ITEM: As the 2016 elections are fast approaching it’s important to know your voting precinct and your precinct chairperson!

Find your voting precinct number

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the button beside PRECINCT.
    1. Zoom into Brazos County (by double-clicking on the map) to find your home and find the Precinct number or
    2. Click on FIND > ADDRESS > enter your address > LOCATE.

Your Precinct area will be highlighted in a color and have a number listed, such as 0036, (which means you are in Precinct 36). You may need to zoom out to see the numbers better once you locate your home address.

Find your Brazos County Precinct Chairperson

  1. Once you know your Precinct number go to and find your Brazos County Precinct Chairperson on the list.
    • If you don’t see your Precinct number listed (on the left of the page) that means your Precinct doesn’t have a Chairperson, it’s vacant. If interested, you could ask to be the Chair for your Precinct.
    • A link to the Precinct Chair Application is at the top of that page.

BONUS ACTION ITEM: Contact your Precinct Chair, introduce yourself and make yourself available as a volunteer in the coming election cycle.

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