May meeting: Border Invasion & the Texas Catch and Release Program

Thursday, May 21
6:00PM  eat & greet
6:30PM  meeting starts
C&J BBQ in Bryan, TX (1010 S Texas Ave)

Speaker: Ray Myers, Kaufman County Tea Party

Ray will give an overview of the cost of the illegal invasion on the citizens of Texas and the USA. We go into the facts of how Rick Perry and the House Leadership of our State Legislature are catering into the hands of the amnesty proponents. Ray will also go into the recent surge and the dog and pony show that was displayed on the southern Rio Grande. It will also discuss the future illegals from the Middle East (ISIS) and how the Obama administration plans to place them into our country.

Ray will also have a video displaying actual illegals coming into Rockwall County on buses from Mexico. This is very compelling – the pictures don’t lie. In conclusion, Ray will suggest a strategy being played in our State Legislature now with a plan to deal with the issue of the Federal Government – “NOT DOING ITS JOB!”

Ray Myers is from Forney, Texas. He’s founded the Kaufman County Tea Party. He has been featured by Neal Cavuto & Greta Van Susteren in DC fighting Obama Care. He is working with a team of State-wide leaders to implement a State Tea Party Communication Network called, “Saddle Up Texas”.

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