Tom’s Sunday Sermon – 2-8-14

We have such a wonderful country. Someone once said to me that every day we wake up in America … we won the lottery. I pray we can leave our future generations a country w the same liberties and opportunities we have enjoyed.

Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans want less government – not more. And yet, Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi … all they know is the failed liberal playbook of government expansion. Big, bloated government.

Folks like to say “elections have consequences” and they are right. But don’t be fooled by – “if we just elect Republicans” that all will be right. In the early to mid-2000’s we had Republican majority House, Senate and President Bush, and government was growing by leaps and bounds. Not quite Obama-esque growth, but it was growing.

Some of our politicians like to say one thing – and then act differently.  Shouldn’t we hold our politicians accountable for their campaign promises?

At the Texas Republican Convention last June, Senator John Cornyn entered the stage to Jimmy Dean’s “Big John, Big John, Big-bad John” …and a mantra that “he stands up to Obama everyday.”   He’s our man, right!  Um, not really.  He’s voted to fund massive budgets, fund Obamacare, and when the chips are down, he’ll back Obama’s illegal amnesty.

cornyn-centurion2The reality is that while John Cornyn is a decent man, he is backed by big-money donors that WANT big government for their crony capitalism desires.

But Tom, you just voted for John Cornyn?” Yes, I did over his very liberal opponent David Alameel. Cornyn was the lesser of two evils.

This is not an obsession over John Cornyn.  He is but one example of many Republicans. The key is understanding who is acting like a conservative — and who is a conservative.

We have tools now to hold our elected officials accountable. Go to Conservative Review, and plug in your Senator’s name to see their scorecard.

  • Ted Cruz, 96%, an A.
  • John Cornyn, 67%, a D.

You can also view how they voted on specific legislation.

To elect real conservatives, we must appreciate the value of Primary Voting

So, we have one Texas senator that honors his campaign promises.

How do we get another Ted Cruz?

Consider these points relative to recent Texas voting:

  • Texas population = ~26 million
  • Registered voters = 14M
  • Nov-2014 turnout = 4.7M
  • % of turnout to registered voters = 33.7%

So, about 1 out of 3 registered voters in TX showed up in November.

Now consider this about the primary in March:

  • Mar-2014 turnout = 1.358M
  • % of turnout to registered voters = 9.98%

So, about 1 out of 10 registered voters in TX showed up in March.

When there was a primary run-off in May, the figure was slightly over 1 out of 100.

A vote in the primaries has far more impact.

The reality is you have to attract a strong candidate to run against a sitting Senator and the field was pretty weak last March. Despite that, Sen Cornyn, the 2nd most powerful Republican senator, only garnered 59% of the vote.

Based on the ever more conservative mood in the state, my gut says a strong R-candidate will challenge Cornyn in the next cycle. The question is … will we show up in that primary to defeat a senator who promises conservative and delivers liberal? 

My bet says we will.

Last week, President Barack Obama chose to equate Christianity and Islam. In doing so, he suggested people needed to get off their “high horse” because many things had been done in the name of Christianity. He listed slavery and the crusades to name two.

I would feel better about listening to the honest exegesis of the American President on matters of faith if I were convinced he had faith in anything other than himself. He sat in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years. But Rev. Wright is a preacher of black liberation theology, far removed from mainstream Christian discourse. Since then, the president has eschewed any regular faith practices.

Having mocked Christians in 2008 as bitterly clinging to guns and religion, no one should be surprised he got his history wrong. What is more troubling, however, is how he got his history wrong. The Crusades, that he blamed on Christians, were actually a response to the Islamic invasion of the Holy Land and brutal persecutions of Christians.

Neither slavery nor Jim Crow laws would have been ended but for the voices of Christians. Famously, William Wilberforce, a member of the British Parliament, dedicated his life to ending slavery. Wilberforce had considered withdrawing from Parliament because of his devout faith, but his friend Prime Minister William Pitt persuaded him otherwise. Pitt wrote to Wilberforce, “If a Christian may act in the several relations of life, must he seclude himself from them all to become so? Surely the principles as well as the practice of Christianity are simple, and lead not only to meditation but to action.”

Wilberforce’s faith and effort gave rise to other Christians whose moral effort liberated slaves. In the era of Jim Crow, it was Christians, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who gave moral voice again to the eradication of Jim Crow.

The most troubling aspect of the moral equivalence President Obama tried to draw in his speech last Thursday was that Christians cannot look at the disturbance in the Middle East and make valued judgments based on the faith of the Islamic radicals.

Having grown up in Dubai between the ages of 5 and 15, I have many Muslim friends, all of whom look on ISIS with disdain. But none of them claim ISIS is not practicing Islam. It is just a variant of Islam. Unfortunately, it is a rapidly growing part of Islam. Islam itself means “submission,” and our president goes to great lengths to avoid pointing that out.

The worst thing about President Obama’s statement, however, is the moral equivalence. It keeps him and those like him from seeing what confronts us even as they refuse to confront it. Television networks were aghast at Fox News’s decision to show video of ISIS burning alive the Jordanian pilot. The other networks claimed this was a public relations victory for ISIS in that it wanted everyone to see what it was capable of.

But these are the same networks that were too scared to show the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Only Fox News would show those cartoons. The networks claimed they did not want to offend anyone, but they are perfectly happy to show images offensive to Christians. There is a double standard at play subsidizing evil.

The president and intellectual leaders in the United States are not people of faith. They reject deity, having constructed gods of their own from government or self-interest. Morals are passe, faith is mythology and everybody is ultimately the same. These people cannot give moral clarity to the causes of the day because it would require them to take a moral stand, which they are not capable of doing.

When in the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama was the only senator to speak in opposition to legislation that would require life-saving treatment for a child born alive after an abortion. Our president took the position that a child, born alive, could still be killed. He is, perhaps, the last person we should let lecture any of us about faith, considering the only faith he seems to possess is in himself.

News, notes and whatever:

  • CNS News — Obama predicted in 2011 we would have “a million electric vehicles vehicles on the road by 2015.” The president backed up his prediction w $2.4B in federal grants to companies producing lithium-ion batteries for cars. But reality hasn’t even come close. Despite massive federal spending on electric vehicles, which is expected to total $7.9B thru 2019, just 286,390 plug-in vehicles are on the roads. 72% lower than POTUS predicted.


  • Ann Coulter — “President Obama’s own Department of Justice completed a six-year study on college rape, and it turns out that instead of 1-in-5 college coeds being raped, the figure is 0.03-in-5. Less than 1% of college students are the victim of a sexual assault — 0.6% to be exact — not to be confused w the 20%, or “one in fiver,” claimed by feminists and President Obama.”



  • Dean Smith was one of the real class acts in sports, his Hall-of Fame coaching career led North Carolina to 11 Final Fours and two NCAA championships. Much like the great John Wooden, he was not one to rant and rave, but he commanded great respect from his players.  Coach Smith passed away last night at 83. When I was in college, a buddy invited me to North Tx State, in Denton, to see an NCAA regional tournament. North Carolina was in the tourney, and we were leaving a game and we passed Coach Smith going in to the facility. I said “Hey coach” as he walked by, and he looked me and my buddy in the eye and said “Hey fellas, how you doing.”

Coach Smith didn’t see Michael Jordan’s or Tom Hammond’s. He saw human beings.  Class act.  RIP.


See ya next week.
Tom Hammond
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