College Station City Council Meeting – Tonight 1/22/14

Please read this note from Paul Reiger, County Chair of Brazos County GOP and information from Marla Mathews, Joint Association of: and consider attending tonight’s College Station City Council Meeting.


College Station City Council Meeting 1/22

Executive Committee,
I am forwarding you the attached information regarding the proposed fracking ordinance change in College Station.  The efforts to promote a “de facto” fracking ban in College Station is being spearheaded by a group of left wing Democrats – some with ties to very liberal professors at Texas A&M.  They have organized for this effort, and subsequently hope the C.S. city council will vote on the proposed ordinance at their Thursday night meeting.  The end result, if C.S. were to allow such a change in their ordinance, would be a devastating blow to the economy of not only College Station, but Brazos County as well.  Please take a moment to read through the handout that was provided to me by the oil and gas association in Austin.  I asked if she could prepare a few talking points for us, which she did under the “Handouts” attachment.
If you are able to attend the Thursday night meeting it would be very helpful.  At this point I think the best plan of action would be to encourage the council to take a deep breath, and not capitulate to a group of radical environmentalists.  If you have a minute to make a call to council members or email them please do so.  Their contact information is provided in the first attachment.
Thank you for your efforts!
Paul Rieger
County Chairman
Republican Party of Brazos County
979.268.2308 | Facebook | Website

Topic: Fracking

College Station City Council Meeting 

Thursday, January 22, 2015, 5:30 – 7 p.m.
City Hall – Council Chambers1101 Texas Avenue S., College Station, Texas
Sign up to speak:
Agenda item when signing up online: 14-897

You must sign up in advance of the meeting online or in person at the City Secretary’s office.  Registration will be open in person during regular business hours and between 5:00-6:45 on Thursday, January 22nd.

Sensible regulation and responsible production co-exist across Texas and can continue to co-exist in College Station to keep our community safe and our economy strong.

1,500-foot setback requirements amount to a de facto ban; people who oppose oil and gas development have said so publicly. Research confirms that 600-foot setbacks protect public health.

The current draft ordinance is appropriate to require to 600-feet for residences and 1,000-feet for schools, churches, hospitals.  The City should resist pressure to expand setbacks to 1,500-feet, creating a de facto ban.

Our community should base its decisions about oil and natural gas activity based on sound science, not discredited research.

The study cited about higher risk of cancer within a half mile of a well has been discredited and decommissioned because the authors used flawed methodology and inflated their findings dramatically.

Properly conducted research shows that natural gas activity doesn’t result in air exposures that would pose health concerns.

The former administrator of the EPA herself said she was not aware of any instance when fracking contaminated groundwater.

Oil and gas producing wells have been operating in the College Station area for decades with no harm to public health or the environment.

We are depending on our city leadership to embrace sensible regulations that are based on sound science and that encourage jobs and investment here.  Junk science has no place in College Station.


Marla Mathews



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