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Rep. Flores' interview

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In a recent Town Hall interview Rep. Flores spoke about his plans as the next Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chair.

Flores broke down five issues he believes members of the RSC will be taking the lead on during the 114th Congress:

We need to provide economic opportunity for hardworking American families, we need to have a strong national defense and improve our national security, we need to balance our federal budget…We also need to limit the federal government to its Constitutional role, and then we need to protect traditional family values, ” said Flores.

As Chair of the RSC, Flores will be mediating between RSC members and House leadership to advance the conservative agenda. He wants to ensure that conservatives are working together to protect the traditional values he and many of the American people hold dear.

Questions for Conservative Critical Thinkers

  • Can we agree that the agenda item of “limiting the federal government to its constitutional role” is totally nullified by the other listed agenda items?
  • Are we to believe that National Security and a Strong National Defense are merely funding problems rather than a problem of constitutional direction?
  • Are traditional family values best protected when observed by those in elected positions? Wouldn’t the best protection for traditional values be found in the obligation of our elected leaders to their oath of office to defend the Constitution by also holding each other, as well as those in other branches of government, accountable when they stray from traditional values (Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors \Ill behavior; evil conduct; fault; mismanagement) or the Rule of Law (Declaration of Independence) when they use their position of power to debase those self-evident values and Creator established Rules of Law?

Conclusion of Critical Thinkers

  • Therefore, can we agree that the majority of Rep. Flores’ agenda items simply continue the unconstitutional lawlessness derived from the rejection of the original intent of the 3 most abused clauses in the Constitution?
    • General Welfare clause
    • Interstate Commerce clause
    • Necessary and Proper clause


Unless elected representives actually adhere to conservative principles; there can be no advance of a conservative agenda.

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