Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Nov. 16, 2014

Home of the Free, because of the Brave

World War II veteran Justus Belfield spent 16 years in the Army, including a stint in Europe where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He also served during the Korean War when he worked as a recruiter in Syracuse.
Belfield moved into the Baptist Health Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Glenville, NY several years ago. Every Veterans Day, he would don his Army uniform and participate in Veterans Day festivities.  This Veterans Day, Justus was too weak to leave his bed so he had the staff dress him in his uniform. The 98 year-old veteran died the next morning. He was buried Friday w military honors at Saratoga National Cemetery.
Justus was interviewed Veterans Day last year and said of his service it “was a good thing to do.”  “I loved it because it was my country. It’s still my country. I love my country.”
Thank you, Justus. Thank you, veterans.
Home of the Free because of the Brave.

No Surrender on Immigration” – by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

On Election Day, Americans roared in protest against the President’s open-borders extremism. They rallied behind candidates who will defend the rule of law and put the needs of American workers and families first.

Exit polls were unequivocal. More than 3 in 4 voters cited immigration as an important factor in their vote, believed that US workers should get priority for jobs, and opposed the President’s plans for executive amnesty. These voters were right and just in their demands.
But President Obama made clear that he would attempt to void the election results – and our laws – by moving forward w his executive amnesty decree. This decree would operate much like his unlawful “Deferred Action”: conferring work permits, photo ID’s, and Social Security numbers to millions of individuals illegally present in the US – allowing them to take jobs and benefits directly from struggling American workers. It is a scheme the Congress has explicitly refused to pass.
The President will arrogate to himself the sole and absolute power to decide who can work in the US, who can live in the US, and who can claim benefits in the US – by the millions. His actions will wipe out the immigration protections to which every single American citizen is lawfully entitled. And his actions will ensure – as law enforcement officers have cried out in repeated warnings – a “tidal wave” of new illegal immigration.
He must be stopped. And the American people have sent Washington a Republican congressional majority to do exactly that. Here’s how we can stop him: President Obama’s executive amnesty will not be easy to execute. US Citizenship and Immigration Services will have to be ordered to redirect funds and personnel away from its statutorily mandated enforcement duties and towards processing applications, amnesty benefits, and unemployment authorizations for illegal immigrants and illegal overstays. It is a massive and expensive operation.
And it cannot be implemented if Congress simply includes routine language on any government funding bill prohibiting the expenditure of funds for this unlawful purpose. This is the same way we prevented the President from closing Guantanamo Bay. Such application of congressional power is ordinary, unexceptional, and used thousands of times. Congress has the power of the purse. The President cannot spend a dime unless Congress appropriates it.

News, notes and whatever:

John Hawkins — “Is there a better example of what feminism should actually be all about than Sarah Palin? She pulled herself up by the bootstraps to become a successful governor of Alaska and a VP candidate; she has helped to get many other female candidates elected to office. She’s been a best-selling author and had a successful TV show. She’s gorgeous, charismatic, wealthy, has millions of diehard fans, is still married to her first husband and has 5 kids. Meanwhile, in her spare time, she cooks, runs marathons and shoots caribou in the Alaskan wilderness. What an incredible role model for young women — except liberal feminists hate her because she isn’t bitter, doesn’t hate men and doesn’t believe in aborting babies.”
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice — “Poor black kids trapped in failing neighborhoods schools, that’s the biggest race problem of today. That’s the biggest civil rights issue of today. Anybody who isn’t in favor of school choice, anybody who isn’t in favor of educational reform, anybody who defends the status quo in the educational system, that’s racist to me.”
Ted Cruz for online freedom — “In Texas we say, ‘Don’t mess w Texas,’  The simple message that I want to convey today … is don’t mess w the internet.  It is freedom that has enabled the internet to develop. The worst thing that could happen is letting a whole bunch of politicians come in and regulate.”  Amen, brother.
ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber — “ObamaCare was written in such a way to take advantage of the stupidity of the American voter.”
Gallup — “63% of Americans now believe that having guns at home makes them safer, nearly double the percentage reporting the same belief 14 years ago.”
“It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you.”  — Anonymous
See ya next week.
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