Never too early – or late – when it’s time to learn

Why spend time learning, when action is what is required?

Such thinking is not new to mankind. I’ve often promoted the need for those in the Tea Party Movement to learn good apologetics – the ability to defend the existence of God as a part of rational understanding of all things created – simply because according to our Declaration of Independence we live in a nation created to celebrate, preserve, and protect our Creator-endowed rights.

This unique paradox was best stated by then Czech Republic President, Vaclav Havel at an Independence Day speech in 1994:

The Declaration of Independence states that the Creator gave man the right to liberty. It seems man can realize that liberty only if he does not forget the One who endowed him with it. recently posted an insightful essay:  Is Learning Apologetics like Fiddling While Rome Burns?.  “In 1939 the dark clouds of Hitler’s Nazi war machine were beginning to loom across Europe and in England. Walter Hooper, who briefly served as C.S. Lewis’ personal secretary in 1963 relates a fascinating story of when Lewis was invited to preach a sermon at Oxford’s Church of St. Mary the Virgin in the late 30’s.”

The problem then was that many students were questioning the value or purpose of attending class at university rather than the action of joining the war effort.

This dilemna of seeking knowledge vs action is no different than what the Republican Party faces today.

The temptation is to postpone learning because the situation for study is not convenient. 


C.S Lewis’ words are straight to the point:

There will always be plenty of rivals to our work. We are always falling in love or quarrelling, looking for jobs or fearing to lose them, getting ill and recovering, following public affairs. If we let ourselves we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come.[3]

…If men had postponed the search for knowledge and beauty until they were secure, the search would never have begun. We are mistaken when we compare war with “normal life.” Life has never been normal. [Lewis, “Learning in Wartime,”] blog author, Ted Wright, applied the wisdom of C.S. Lewis by remembering a story from history of how LEARNING provided the foundation that preserved civilization for us today.

“When the British Isles were under the threat and then eventually under the sword of the Norsemen, Irish Christians didn’t worry & fret about their future. Rather, they went to work translating great works of literature and creating great works of art such as we find in the Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels.

IrishsavedcivilizationIn his book, How the Irish Saved Civilization, author Thomas Cahill narrates in vivid detail the fall of the Roman empire when barbarian hordes marched across the frozen Rhine and eventually down into Italy ultimately sacking Rome herself, the crown jewel of classical civilization and learning. Several centuries later when the prow of the Viking longboat hit the sands of the British Isles another dark ages swept across Europe. Civilization was threatened and the learning of the classical world was gravely threatened.

It was the Irish Christians, who according to Cahill, played a key role in Europe’s rebuilding after the long and dark ages.”

This is the work of the Tea Party Movement: TEACH. EMPOWER. ACT.

If the Republican Party is to correct the problems facing our nation, our states, and our communities, they must do so by ending the unconstitutional lawlessness which is the source of our own destruction.

Any legislative actions not based in adherence to the Rule of Law using the methods ennumerated in our Constitution will only continue the nation’s self-destructive unconstitutional lawlessness.

It is never too late – or too early – to LEARN the fixed principles of objective truth and morality that comprise the American Rule of Law which is stated in our Declaration of Independence. 

13-spies-return[1]When the Hebrew nation first had the oportunity to enter the Promised Land, they chose NOT to listen to the words of Joshua and Caleb who trusted in God Who had promised them victory….thereby prolonging the homeless wandering of the Hebrew nation for a generation. [Numbers 13]

Just as thinker Vaclav Havel concluded, learning to defend the existence of God – the provider of our Creator-endowed rights – is paradoxically the very renewal necessary to our own American future.

From that reality springs a new respect for the Rule of Law as the only means to preserve and secure our Creator-endowed rights.

Only adherence to the Constitution can rightfully establish a republican government whose purpose is to perserve and secure our Creator-endowed rights.

The quicker We the People and our elected representatives LEARN these principles, and put these correct actions into effect the sooner the benefits of our Creator-endowed rights are realized.

To postpone our study is to continue in our own self-destructive results of unconstitutional lawlessness.

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party offers the Constitution in 10 Lessons – a collection of papers by Publius Huldah that offers the higher critical thinking skill by teaching The Constitution by applying its ennumerated powers as solutions for current issues. [While my current health situation has prevented me from conducting these classes at present, everything you need for self-study is available to you.]

How’s that for an action item?






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