A congratulations and caution to Brazos County Republicans

The National Message – STOP OBAMA!obamastop

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party is elated from the national message of STOP OBAMA! that swept across the States and through out the political ticket. From dog catcher to Governors, the voice of We The People was a resounding rejection of the Democratic Party’s and President Obama’s agenda of Statist/Marxism.

But, in undertatnding the spiritual reality of the voter’s resounding rejection of Statist/Marxism, the Republican Party must proceed with caution. A rejection of Statist/Marxist tyranny does not transfer to support of the establishment Republican Party’s embracing of fascism/Crony-Capitalism.

The Tea Party Movement’s years of study and thinking has come to a new appreciation of the Rule of Law.

We The People understand that ALL unconstitutional lawlessness rewards only those in the top and bottom of the social structure. This is denial of the equality of all men before the law and God.

All unconstitutional lawlessness is detrimental to the Middle Class – regardless of whether that unconstitution lawlessness is generated from top down Statist control or the fascist merge of business and government.

Paying for the priviledge of having a job is not Liberty.

This fact will quickly judge the actions of the newly elected Republican Majority in Congress as well as those serving here in Texas.

Therein lies the need to caution to all elected Republicans.

So, Brazos County Republicans, congratulations upon your political victory. However, to celebrate your victory as any sort of defeat for the Texas Tea Party Movement is to self-identify yourself as a collaborative rebel desiring to use your elected position in means rebellious to the Rule of Law and constitutional methods.

All we ask is that our elected officials adhere to The Constitution.

The Texas Tea Party movement has only maintained their request that their elected officials adhere to the Rule of Law according to the provisions stated in the Constitution, because we understand that adherence to the Rule of Law using the provisions and methods ennumerated in the Constitution IS the only foundation that secures our Creator-endowed rights.

The stability of the Middle Class – the protection of the Creator endowed rights of ALL citizens –  will determine how seriously the newly elected Republican Party Majority takes their oath to The Constitution and the Rule of Law it serves.

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party will persevere in our mission to Teach and Empower all citizens and elected officials to first learn the fundamental principles that comprise The Rule of Law stated in our Declaration of Independence because it is only through the conscientious adherence to constitutional lawfulness that the Republic is preserved.



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