The Rule of Law: No Neutral Ground

This is the second article in a series explaining the Rule of Law.

In the first article, we established the principle that we are either in compliance with the Rule of Law or we are in a lawless state. [The Rule of Law: Compliance or Lawlessness]

Now we will examine the principle that there is no neutral ground in regards to adherence to the Rule of Law.

Moral Relativism’s false construct of neutral ground.

Man’s quest to eliminate God as the source of all things has produced a culture of secular relativism which has for the most part successfully indoctrinated several generations of Americans to believe that religion is strictly a private, personal concern.[1]  This acceptance of a worldview in which public values can/may be different from God’s Laws has produced a culture of moral relativism which accepts a logical fallacy of the existence of “neutral territory.” [2]

This means that Rep. Bill Flores (Tx-17) in his lawlessness to the Rule of Law is no different from the vast majority of citizens who have accepted the logical error that their personal moral relativism is neutral unaffliated territory.

So, in returning to our Monopoly Game example:

We mistakenly believe our act of noncompliance to the Rule of Law is just a break in the Monopoly game where everyone refills their snack plate and drink cup – or waits for the next election – because they have accepted the fallacy that their noncompliance to the Rule of Law is nothing more than a void in space and time where nothing lawless is happening.

We mistakenly believe that during the period of our lawlessness, the space/time continum has ceased to operate simply because:

Go To Jail

Go To Jail.


We can’t make up our mind, or we need consensus, or more information, or the timing is not convenient for our benefit,

or we believe bad events couln’t possibly be happening because our intentions are so good,

or, at least we weren’t consciously plotting for the advancing lawlessness to irreparably damage or destroy the pursuit of happiness of others.



 This is an irrational understanding of the Sovereignty of the Rule of Law.

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. - Neil Peart

Regardless of our excuses and our opinions, our personal moral relativism when resulting in noncompliance to the Rule of Law, harms others.

There is no Neutral Territory

Compliance with the Rule of Law shapes the culture we live in. The benefits of compliance with the Rule of Law are contintuity, dependability, stability, peace, and security of everyone’s Creator-endowed rights.

Noncompliance to the Rule of Law destroys the very concept of “culture” or “community” because the advancing lawlessness steadily destroys the well-being of the innocent and righteous citizens – the very bedrock of any lasting civilization.

The only way to stop lawlessness….is to stop being lawless.

The Rule of Law is the foundation of any appreciating culture because it alone recognizes the Creator’s fixed principles of objective Truth and Morality.

There is no neutral territory.



[1]  For more information on the history on the divided worldview of “the public realm” and the “religious realm”  read this B/CS Tea Party Recommended Book – Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity  ,by Nancy R. Pearcey (Author), Phillip E. Johnson (Author).

[2] God is Sovereign. A vacuum is not a natural phenomon, but rather one created by man. Natural Law abhors a vaccum.

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