Report: Nullify The EPA in Texas

War on Energy vs War on Tyranny

President Obama is engaged in a War on Energy. The latest proposed EPA regulations to go into effect in 2015, would result in sky-high energy bills, rolling blackouts and increased unemployment with the destruction of the coal industry and attempt to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Join the War on Tyranny by stopping the unconstitutional power grab of a federal government agency.

Every Tuesday at 1:30,

a grassroots group meets at the GOP headquarters in Bryan, TX,

with a mission to educate people about the Founding Fathers’ solution to this


We are working to make contacts across Texas, as well as in other States, to nullify these destructive regulations.



Please join the “Tuesday Soldiers Fighting Tyranny, aka Gideon’s Army” efforts.


Educate as many people as you can using these resources:

Nullification: How to Resist Tyranny in the 21st Century

KNOW the power of Nullification. Then call upon our elected officials to exercise that liberating authority.


Get people to make contacts to state legislators and elected officials, Tea Party groups, GOP groups, organizations/personalities and the public with handouts, letters to the editor, etc.

Possible wording for making contacts:

We, the People of Texas (or name of another state), demand legislation be passed to nullify unconstitutional bureaucratic EPA carbon regulations that will destroy the coal industry, cause energy prices to skyrocket and rolling blackouts without having a measurable effect on the planet’s environmental status. These regulations could collapse America’s economy, the goal of the War on Energy. It is your constitutional duty to stopthe implementation of these regulations using the Founders’ solution to tyranny – NULLIFICATION.

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