Is our local District 14 State Representative, John Raney, a Conservative?

portrait of John Raney

John Raney

Report from the August 2014 meeting presentation:

Raney is a (Speaker of the House) Joe Straus “loyalist” routinely voting with Straus and openly offering his support. Straus is no friend of Conservatives.

  • Raney has an “F” rating for the Conservative Empower Texans website. Key votes included “massively increased spending by expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare,” and “funded corporate welfare programs.”
  • Raney was “one of 18 Republicans who voted with Democrats in stopping Gov. Perry’s 2013 initiative to move the Public Integrity Unit out from under convicted drunk driver Rosemary Lehmberg, Travis county’s Democrat district attorney.” If these Republicans had not joined w the Democrats, Perry would not have had to exercise his line-item veto.
  • Tom opened discussion to the group on how we exert conservative influence on Mr. Raney going forward.



    Let me know If I can assist by forwarding emails or contacting government representatives, will be available to help forward information via internet. Thank you .

  2. Rep. David Simpson (R) Dist 7 is a Constitutional Conservative, Tea Party supported Rep and he ALSO voted against moving the Public Integrity Unit. WHY???
    (1) it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL and
    (2) fraught with unintended consequences.
    Read his post: …the more you know.

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