Connecting The Dots: Establishment Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce

The need for Leadership rather than the inevitablility of outcome from mere Facilitators.

Apart from We the People, our community is suffering from an appalling lack of leadership from elected officials, directors of public services, and the local news media. Instead, we are overwhelmed with facilitators of inevitability.

The absence of common sense – the republican principles that establish the well-being of a community.

In the recent event involving the Warehousing of Illegal Children in our community, no elected official used republican principles such as the Constitutional Rule of Law to defend the safety and security of the community they supposedly represent. No elected offical or civic leader has offered a common sense refutation to this emotionalism accompanying State-coerced charity that is driving this issue.
Classical republicanism which is rooted in the equality of all men before the law then supplies the void of competent leadership as determined by position, associations, or status with the competent leadership according to Creator-endowed ability and a willingness to serve others. This republican principle is the everlasting spring that supplies American Exceptionalism. Leadership in the classical republican sense is determined not by a name-tag identification, but according to character and ability. Classical republicanism is the voice inside us all that says to those in authority, “Either lead or get out of the way!”

The revival of classical republicanism among We The People.

Therefore, in the attempt to warehouse illegal children in our community, We The People must become leaders advancing logical refutations to the emotional Trojan Horse of compassion which, like the historic predecesor, invites calamity into our own community. Nor can we simply sigh with relief if our own community is spared, but another Texas community is sacrificed to disease, financial instability, and organized criminal activity in the name of State COERCED charity!

The solidarity of those sharing republican principles – the rule of law – the equality of all men before the law – IS the tea party movement.

The Americans For Legal Immigration PAC has organized a nationwide protest and the Bryan/College Station Tea Party will participate. Please spend some time reviewing this website, particularly the page listing all Congressmen who can be counted on to stand firm against Amnesty.

The fixed principles of republicanism provide the moral foundation to understand the issue and measure the results of our deeds.

Of particularly disturbing interest to Texas and to District 17 is that there are only 12, out of a Texas delegation of 36 Representatives, plus 1 Senator whose votes can be counted upon to stop this slide toward Amnesty and according to ALI.ORG , Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX17) is NOT on this list.
As I perceived before the Texas Primary, the collusion of the establishment GOP leadership and elected officials with the Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Health Industry, and government workers’ lobbyiest and organizations supporting themselves through the expansion of Big Government have purchased the power to achieve their political/business ends in DC, through campaign donations. This is why the closed system of the Establishment is so vital: the membership of the co-opted group must remain intact. Any new member of Congress, We The People manage to elect must either be co-opted into compliance or face destruction.

It is interesting to note, that in the absence of the moral principles of republicanism, a godless Darwinian Social system settles into a rigidity resulting in a degenerative atrophy of all things necessary for survival which leads to death, or in political terms, tyranny, despotism, slavery, and oppression. A closed environment leads to a dead environment.

Here is professional corroberation of my own common sense ability to connect the dots.

This connecting of the dots explains why the Mississippi Primary Scandal occurred. Plus, the number of GOP Senators involved in this closed environment of fascist collusion with the Chamber of Commerce is almost overwhelmingly disheartening. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), as Whip to Sen. McConnell  (R-KY) who hopes to be Senate Majority leader next term, should be considered a major player in the preservation of the established closed club of Senators.  Pay particular interest to the 3 points the Chamber of Commerce wants to advance in the upcoming Congress and understand that any campaign promises of elect us to “Stop Obama” are completely fraudulent. While, we only suspected such corruption, it’s good to see that we are not seeing ghosts, but rather the total debauchery of man’s own human nature when guided by the love of power and money.

The depravity of Human Nature devoid of fixed principles of truth and morality should not be surprising.

This is not conspiracy as some would define conspiracy, but simply a reminder of the fixed character of human nature when left unchallenged by the moral foundations of republicanism. The closed environment of simply doing what we are told – without the constant application of republican principles at every point in the hierarchy of an organization – becomes either the Yuppie Nurenberg Defense or the seered conscience of those capable of seeing nothing wrong with their actions even as the stench of decay and decomposed bodies surrounds the individual.

The Intentions of Alliances affect the Results of our Deeds for good or bad.

Our daily work ethic as a classical republican is not determined by the increasing accumulation of worldly assets, but is instead a constant personal measuring scale which balances on one side the results of our deeds with the other side determined by the honor and respect  from those whom we seek approval and respect.
So, those of us wondering why Gov. Perry does a lot of talking about the need and responsibility of securing Texas borders, but hasn’t exercised the constitutional power and authority of concurrent jurisdiction* of the border will find this article very explanatory. [ *Exclusive & Concurrent Jurisdiction Explained – Constitution In 10 Lessons -# 9]
The classical republican understands the current crisis of the unconstitutional lawlessness that is determined to keep this nation borderless and our community under the threat of disease, financial instability, and the advance of both organized and individual criminal activity. The unconstitutional method (means) which is the coercive power of the State to enforce “charity”. The solution to both the unconstitutional means intent upon leading the community as well as the nation to a total unconstitutional end is the willingness of every citizen to refresh himself in the never ending spring of the principles of republicanism by which the transcendent wisdom of our Creator regarding the Natural Laws that govern this created universe we inhabit can instruct us in the reality of objective truth and morality. We then have a moral foundation we can build a future upon.

So get out there and be a classical republican!

We need to hear an explanation as to why an organization of local business people would find inviting calamity into their own community could be seen in any way as positive enhancement to the quality of life and perpetuation of the fundamental requirements that comprise the term: community.

Americans for Legal Immigration Protest

Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce

4001 E. 29th Street, Bryan, TX
Friday, July 18, 2014
10:00 am – 12:00 Noon

Come as you can

Join in solidarity to ask serious questions of those who so obviously hold the fundamentals of what constitutes a community in such a cavalier fashion. 

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