Understanding Crony-Capitalism

Crony-Capitalism: Reducing  YOUR Liberty, one cheese trap at a time...

Crony-Capitalism: Reducing YOUR Liberty, one cheese trap at a time…

Crony-Capitalism is NOT associated with any political party.

Crony-capitalism is a moral failing inherent in all Men.

Crony-capitalism is, like all immoral methods of acquiring success, a short-cut to political power and wealth that uses greed to control the will of the people.

Therefore: Crony-capitalism subverts the very intent of Declaration of Independence which is the national covenant between God, the American citizen, and the terms of accountability of the government formed by those citizens formed to ensure certain Creator endowed rights.

The idea of American Exceptionalism is defined by the limiting of government to encroach upon the Creator-endowed rights of all men. Our government is constitutionally incapable of doing anything to/for the citizen apart from holding every citizen accountable to the law, and defending our life, liberty, and property.

That we are having to resort to defending our life, liberty, and property FROM that very same created government is indicative of the upside down nature of accepting unconstitutional lawlessness as though equal to The Law. [The Law cannot be lawless a paradox void the unconstitutional lawless cannot fill.]

Crony-Capitalism is nothing but government encroachment into the territory formerly protected by God. American Exceptionalism was the experiment to limit government’s authority so that all men were enabled by their Creator to pursue their own happiness according to God’s provisions. The immediate success of the people of this nation to enjoy the blessings of such Creator-endowed liberty was recorded in books such as d’ Tocqueville’s  Democracy In America. This is the definition of political liberty, which is the same as Christian Liberty by fiat of God being The Creator. Crony-Capitalism uses the human failing of greed to introduce Man/Government as a factor in the previously restricted relationship between Man and God as Provider.

Crony-Capitalism is the purchase of the souls of men in exchange for a short-cut to wealth and power. This quick clip from the classic film: “Gone With the Wind” depicts exactly the immoral enslavement of one human being by another in the pursuit of power, honor, and glory. Just remember crony-capitalism is not associated by political party affiliation. Crony-capitalism is the resulting deeds of man’s vile nature, the preference to practice guile and deceit as a short-cut to earthly “success”.








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