Why Take the Constitution in 10 Lessons Class?

The purpose of the B/CS Tea Party’s Constitution in 10 Lessons class is to first reaffirm ourselves of the truth of our Constitution. Only then can we as Ronald Reagan encouraged us to do, “wave bold colors.”


Fixed Principles are the foundation of republican conservatism.

While we may live in a culture that rejects absolute truth, it is the recognition of absolute truth, objective reality, fixed principles that provides the foundation of republican conservatism.

Learn the founder’s intent.

Therefore, our class focuses on learning the founders intent which is known specifically from the collection of articles known as The Federalist Papers – the articles written to explain The Constitution of the United States in order that the people understood the intent, to assuage their fears, and answer questions of debate – the same debate of today – so that the the citizens of the individual States that comprised the federation would ratify the document. Therefore, The Federalist Papers are the definitive objective source to understanding the intent of the Constitution.

Opinions are everywhere. Principles and Facts are in The Federalist Papers.

This means opinions in opposition to The Federalist Papers’ directives are erroneous and false. Disagreements with the intent of the Constitution can be remedied only by the means provided in The Constitution, not by the opinions/precedents of various men serving appointments as Supreme Court Justices. The opinions/precedent manner of “interpreting” the Constitution is how the Constitution has become as though a “living document” constantly evolving to change with a drifting culture according to the whim and fantasy of certain individuals.

Evolving Law is NO LAW. To willingly advocate for No Law = Chaos.

Conservative republicans reject this opinion because a “living law” is not government at all, but instead the embracing of cultural chaos. Conservative republicans appreciate that the purpose of government as defined in the Declaration of Independence is achieved only by the citizen’s uncoerced willingness to adhere to known fixed principles, the rule of law, the protection of life, liberty – to experience as little coercion as possible without penalty or retribution – and the security of personal property. A Constitution that remains fixed provides the safety and security necessary to support personal individual investment in a world governed by the vagaries of natural law.

The original intent, or the wrong result.

In arming ourselves with the original intent of our Constitution, conservative republicans are equipped to debate among ourselves, as well as with our opponents, according to facts not opinions. We first learn to replace our own incorrect opinions with facts, and then spread the truth of these facts to others. In disciplining our own minds in regards to the difference between facts and opinions, we become stronger, bolder advocates because as republican conservatives, our respect for what is true is far stronger than our respect of an opinion…whether our own, or that of someone we admire. This is the necessary intellectual arming to stand strong in a poll-driven culture so confused as to believe might does make right. As conservative republicans we stand firm upon the principle that objective truth remains regardless of the number of people or opinions disagreeing with that truth.

Bold Colors tells others you know what you believe and why. Bold Colors are the trumpet sound of unity.

Learning these undeniable truths and then living accordingly explains President Reagan’s allusion to call upon the Republican Party to lead with the facts of “bold colors” rather than the pale pastels that comprise ungrounded and convoluted opinions:

“Americans are hungry to feel once again a sense of mission and greatness.

I don ‘t know about you, but I am impatient with those Republicans who after the last election rushed into print saying, “We must broaden the base of our party”–when what they meant was to fuzz up and blur even more the differences between ourselves and our opponents.

It was a feeling that there was not a sufficient difference now between the parties that kept a majority of the voters away from the polls. When have we ever advocated a closed-door policy? Who has ever been barred from participating?

Our people look for a cause to believe in. Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people?”

CPAC – 1974 http://www.rightwingnews.com/uncategorized/excerpts-from-ronald-reagans-1975-speech-to-cpac/

Before conservative republicans can defend what we believe, we must first KNOW what we believe.

Know the facts, or we will be misled.

Know the facts of our Constitution, otherwise we will be misled and deceived by false and inadequate opinions of the well-intentioned as well as the devious.


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    Why Take the Constitution in 10 Lessons Class?

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