The Constitution In 10 Lessons – New Class Forming September 15, 2013

Summer will soon be over – the Fall Equinox will happen September 22, 2013 – for those still aware of basic science facts or, are participating in agriculture. The point is that our lives are governed by change that is itself governed by fixed laws and principles. Absolute reason and order exist all around us, but yet our culture is dominated by man-made chaos.

Forget the sugar pills. The cure for our country's disease is the Consitution and the principles behind it..

Forget the sugar pills. The cure for our country’s disease is the Consitution and the principles behind it..

Constitutional conservatism is about governing according to fixed laws and principles, rather than governing according to an elected individual’s “gut intuition.” Since no one can know the methods undergirding someone else’s “gut instincts”, it soon becomes clear that this chaotic method of making choices which directly affect the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of others, quickly descends into chaos or, the personal whim of tyranny and oppression. Such common sense understanding of the effects of man’s autonomous [self-law] rule upon others underscores the constitutionally conservative principle noted by Henry David Thoreau: “That government is best which governs least.

The trustworthiness of our nation’s Constitution is two-fold:

1) It is first based upon previously known fixed principles and laws governing the entire Creation – as well as man’s own nature, and

2) the written application of those fixed principles, laws, and standards produce our nation’s coherent governing process – or rule of law – complete with enumerated powers for each branch of constitutionally established government as well as checks and balances to ensure each branch remains within those established boundaries, with the proper corrective procedure for infractions.

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party is focused on refuting man-made chaos and pointing to the benefits to the people of an elected government adhering to the fixed principles of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

  • To that effort we announce The Constitution In 10 Lessons Class will be beginning again, Sunday evening, September 15, 2013, from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

  • at the NEW Brazos County Republican Headquarters, 1640 Briarcrest, Suite 122, Bryan, TX

If you find politics confusing and chaotic, this class will bring stability and organized thinking to your understanding of politics…in America, as well as around the world. Push back the frontiers of man’s created chaos by joining this upcoming The Constitution In 10 Lessons Class.


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