Learning Little ‘r’ republican Outreach

Demagogues of Little ‘d’ democracy Always Promote Tyranny

In previous posts we have learned the facts about how little ‘d’ democracy is the actual threat to liberty. Every democratic group leader’s success depends on his ability to promise his group that he will use his authority to make non-group members submit to the desires of the group. The power of this leader (“demagogue” is a better term) is enhanced as he is able to reward his friends and eliminate his enemies. In a diametrically opposed fashion, liberty ceases to exist for everyone as an organized system of demagogues work together threatening all non-group members with the chaos of arbitrary punishment should they ┬áresist the demands of the unified demagogues’ controlled groups.

James Madison’s Federalist 10 is the definitive rebuttal of democracy and the use of factions (demagogues) as a means to establish Liberty in this nation, or any other.

The Destructive Tyranny of Little ‘d’ democracy is THE GREAT Opportunity for republicanism.

Madison Project

James Madison
Father of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

The great opportunity for little ‘r’ republicanism is the fact that the actions of demagogues is directly harming the lives of completely innocent and unaware citizens. Man’s Creator-endowed right of Liberty is written upon his heart which is exhibited as the unrighteously persecuted realize they need no self-appointed demagogue to ‘plain who their enemy is. A new little ‘r’ republican is born every time an innocent citizen finds himself targeted for destruction by the very authority sworn to operate according to The Constitution. The arbitrarily targeted innocent citizen develops eyes that really see and ears that really hear and they now see the truth of democracy as a closed-circle loop of self-appointed leaders who view their group members as “suckers” to be emotionally manipulated into self-destructive behavior, so that the demagogues can get on with what they do best: reward their friends and eliminate their opposition. When the innocent citizen targeted by destruction understands HE is the opposition to be eliminated, he becomes that radical force of little ‘r’ republicanism.

The Radical Nature of Little ‘r’ Republican Liberty.

Understand that there is nothing staid or boring about the radical nature of republicanism. This is why democracy’s elitists – like the Statist elitists of the crumbling U.S.S.R. thought to portion out bits of republican liberty through Perestroika.

Russian Premier Gorbachev

Russian Premier Gorbachev

To elites of any democratic group, the rule of law is only about keeping their slaves, servants, and brainless group members, in check, not about the equal status of all men before their Creator. The human necessity for societal order gives justifiable reason for every democratic demagogue to become ever more authoritarian in dealing with their opposition. It is this behavior that ultimately identifies democracy’s tyrants – regardless of political party affiliation — as they seek to close down open discussion by applying human nature’s intimidation such as peer pressure, name calling, and escalating threats of violence unless the attempt to maintain open discussion cease.

Who’s the New Little ‘r’ Republican?

Republicanism is the philosophy that appreciates the principle that the greatest proponent of man’s Creator endowed right to self-protection, was the politically ambivalent citizen last beaten and robbed.

So, in considering just whom should be considered for little ‘r’ republican outreach, one only has to consider your neighbor as the most recent target of democracy’s harm. In understanding the destruction of the ideas of Progressive Liberalism through the methods of democracy, the innocent citizen targeted for elimination by an arbitrary and aggressive government is an eager proponent for learning the advantages of the fixed principles of little ‘r’ republicanism as the foundation for Liberty.


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