Do You Have What It Takes to be a Little “r” Republican Volunteer?

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party is organized like any other republican organization. Those who accept a position of responsibility are then reciprocated with a voice in setting the agenda of the organization. Republicanism honors a code of responsibility in which a position of responsibility accepted is rewarded with further responsibility.

Why the B/CS Tea Party Has No Members.

This is evident by the fact that The Bryan/College Station Tea Party has no members. There are no requirements upon individuals who wish to attend our functions. Membership bears responsibility or requirements: dues, rules of conduct/philosophy, which require a enforcing nature to ensure adherence to membership protocols. We put no such restrictions upon anyone wishing to attend our meetings.

Republicanism Honors Those Who Accept Responsibility.

Therefore, it is the board members, those who have volunteered to accept responsibility to the group as well as to each of the other board members, who are accountable. In this age of persecution, this aspect of republicanism is of vital consequence. Being trusted with the private opinions of others is not to be taken lightly. Nor is this privilege to be considered according to the current democratic culture based upon situational and autonomous ethics – meaning everyone can determine whatever they think is right…is right.

The republican ethic is based upon unchanging principles of ethics, such as those consistent with Scripture.

While Little ‘d’ Democracy Favors Ruling Class Rules…

Little 'd' Democracy Uses These Attributes to Determine Leaders

Little ‘d’ Democracy Uses These Attributes to Determine Leaders

Those with a personal stake in the organization because of their voluntary acceptance of responsibility and have also accepted accountability to their fellow board members. This is the republican method of establishing trust and sense of honor within the leadership.  Republicanism is the effective counter to the democratic method which is cronyism, nepotism, favoritism and so on which must be constantly identified, avoided, and eliminated.

In little ‘r’ republicanism, bylaws are meant to hold the board members accountable to the mission statement and each other.

Through acceptance of responsibility and the accountability results for their volunteer position, each board member earns the  trust and camaraderie with their fellow board members. This is why the bylaws of The Bryan/College Station Tea Party are not limiting or affecting upon those merely attending meetings, but instead are applicable only to board members as a means holding each other accountable to the well-being of the organization. This in in accordance with human nature as most people simply want to volunteer  without having to accept the responsibility associated with a  position of recognized leadership, because it is common sense that in any republican organization, with position comes responsibility and accountability. Republicanism practiced means the privilege of choosing board leadership is only for those who have also accepted the responsibility and accountability of a position of leadership themselves, not the chaotic democratic selection of a particular meeting’s audience.

The Tea Party IS the Resurgence of Little ‘r’ Republicanism.

It is only because our culture is engulfed in the misguided —or it could be considered misleading if you understand the pernicious lie aspect of democracy being the route to liberty —that even constitutional conservatives believe the tea party movement to be a “democratic” organization. [e.g. How’s that outbreak of democracy in Egypt known as Arab Spring working out in advancing the cause of liberty?]

A Tiger is a Tiger

A Tiger is a Tiger

A Tiger is a Tiger…and little ‘d’ Democracy is…well little ‘d’ Democracy.

Since the early Greek city-states and the age of Plato, democracy was understood to be the most unstable of all political forms; always ending in totalitarianism. Demagoguery, totalitarianism, and Crony-Capitalism (fascism) are the results of democracy. They are NOT a lawless aberration of democracy. If we understand the character of a tiger, to be a tiger, then we must also appreciate democracy to be, well….democracy.

Making The Comparison Clear.

What kind of leader does democracy favor:

  • the leader of the loudest most aggressive group,

  • the leader of the group best practicing intimidation of opponents,

  • the leader for whom the ends to achieving power justify the means,

  • the leaders practicing cronyism of group leaders willing to support each other on other issues,

  • a leader backed by hierarchical values such as:

    • money as power,

    • a leader with cultural status (family name, popularity, wealth, group associations such as labor or professional organizations,

    • man-made cultural categories (Marxism) such as race, gender, skin color, economic status, education level.

What kind of leader does republicanism favor:

  • a Statesman who exhibits respect for the rule of law— even to his own hurt,

  • a Statesman who speaks in clear terms of “Yes” and “No”,

  • a Statesman whom is equal before the law and his honor is deserved according to the application of his Creator endowed talents in accordance with his respect for the rule of law, [understand that Rule of Law is Creator established, not situational and/or autonomous]

  • a Statesman whom through speech and actions encourages others to rise above their self-centered human nature to do what is best for the long term for the most people, [hence, small government with the least footprint upon everyday life]

  • a Statesman whose Creator endowed abilities are used to serve others before himself, [even in pursuit and practice of Free Enterprise]

  • a Statesman who appreciates that government is established, as well as modeled, by God. [Authority used to deprive others of their Creator endowed blessings is unlawful, therefore non-compliance is the duty of all men.]

  • A Statesman appreciates that the term “public servant” is defined and  modeled by Jesus Christ, therefore, a Statesman is to serve others as he would like to be served. [in public office, private life, and in the pursuit of free enterprise.]

The Duty of the Tea Party Movement is to Call the Republican Party Back to little ‘r’ Republican Principles.

That the Republican Party has in many ways abandoned republican principles and embraced democratic ones is the reason the Tea Party Movement exists outside of the conservative political spectrum.

If we are to re-establish this nation as a Republic, we must do so according to republican principles*.


History Repeats Itself. Read, Learn, Benefit!

History Repeats Itself. Read, Learn, Benefit!

* Note: For a great book that so mirrors our current situation of repressive one party rule and how little ‘r’ Republicanism established our nation as different from all others:

Capitalism and a New Social Order: The Republican Vision of the 1790s / Edition 1, Joyce Appleby.


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