What Is Little “r” Republicanism?

The Truth of Democracy

Years of indoctrination have established in our minds that democracy  is the foundation to liberty.

This is a pernicious falsehood.

Click to go view Plato's Five Regimes then scroll down to Democracy.

Click to go view Plato’s Five Regimes then scroll down to Democracy.

It was noted by Plato that democracy — the tyranny of the 51% — is the most unstable form of organized civilization. All democracies end in tyranny or anarchy. This happens because democracy becomes the tool of the demagogue who effectively pits the groups of people against each other. The demagogue’s message is always the same: “Put me in charge to make “X” group give you what you want.” Upon achieving the tyranny of the 51% support, the tyrant demagogue then uses the threat of mob violence and social chaos to silence any further dissent. It should be no surprise that in his second term, President Obama is out to destroy the Republican Party. Destruction of opposition is what any tyrant demagogue does.

The Solution is Little  “r” Republicanism

If democracy is the method to keep any community of people living either under the rigid control of a tyrant demogogue or the threat of constant social turmoil, what is the solution? Little “r” republicanism. Understanding and practicing little “r” republicanism becomes a strategy of self-preservation for those opposed to the tyranny and/or social chaos of democracy’s demagogues.

CapitalismNewSocialBookClassical republican thought compares easily to Biblical teaching regarding the nature of man. While man is a self-centered, selfish being, he also has the capacity to rise above that base nature to choose a course of action that is best for the long term success of the community as a whole. This civic virtue as explained by historian Joyce Appleby is the “capacity of some men to rise above private interests and devote themselves to the public good. Men deeply involved in their own business, in getting ahead, and seizing opportunities for gain were not proper candidates for public office.”

Little “r” Republicanism Values Consistancy

Little “r” republicanism acknowledges man’s conscience and an understanding of Natural Law that appreciates that all men are “created equal and independent, [therefore] “no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.”  [Locke] This is why republicanism respects not the opinion of democracy’s 51%, but rather the continuity of the Rule of Law. That continuity expects that application of the law can be known in advance.  This consistency is important to the long term well-being of the community because it allows individuals to plan for their future – to enjoy their Creator endowed right to pursue their own happiness. The continuous and non-contradictory application of the Rule of Law identifies immediately any unexpected legal decision as being simply the whim of a judge according to his base human nature. Little “r” republicanism provides the foundation to resist the tyranny of a judge —or any elected official — who abuses his position to elevate his authority at the expense of the equality of those he is meant to serve.

Little “r” Republicanism Practices Truth and Honesty

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party has endeavored to teach as well as practice these little “r” virtues in order to establish a foundation of principles intent upon building trust and honesty. Our goal is to be a source of learning, political information, and opinion based upon attention to our Founding Documents and the intent of the founders in order to increase little “r” thinking, voters, and legislation. Our intent is to counter a political world dominated by human nature and chaotic democracy.

The return of little “r” republicanism will increase the number of citizens who are resistant to the tyranny of democracy’s 51% because they value more a community which protects the equal status of everyone to enjoy the Creator endowed gifts of  life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.



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