CSCOPE is a taxpayer-funded school curriculum program seeking to work against citizens’ elected will. The B/CS Tea Party supports Representative Steve Toth’s HB 760 which would put school curriculum under the oversight of the elected State Board of Education.

Members of the B/CS Tea Party Facebook Group are staying up on CSCOPE, a program being sold to Texas schools. Texas voters chose a State Board of Education; this program is trying to sidestep that Board, using your money. From Americans for Prosperity — Texas:

CSCOPE or C-SCAM? CSCOPE is a program that has been sold to over 850 Texas public, private and charter schools which is reported to be a curriculum management system…CSCOPE is controversial both by virtue of the secrecy which surrounds it and its financial trail – or lack thereof…Teachers have been required to sign a form which keeps them from discussing CSCOPE and from publicly criticizing the lesson plans

Time to urge our State Reps to support Rep. Toth’s HB 760, and our Senator when he gets the chance in the Senate!

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