Americans For Prosperity – Scorecard 112th Congress

Americans for Prosperity  ranks members of Congress based on their votes for economic freedom.

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Therefore, it is such a disappointment to once again discover that the Texas Republican Delegation in Washington, D.C. is not on the vanguard of defense of economic freedom, but instead the cow’s tail of status quo politics.

Spend some time investigating the issues rated in this scorecard. Pay particular attention to the votes and score of our own Rep. Bill Fores as well as our two Senators. [Note: Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will no longer be dragging economic freedom downward.]

Compare our Texas Republican Delegation to the Republican Delegations from other states such as South Carolina, Kentucky, UtahMichigan, or Wisconsin.

When Texan elected officials aren’t bullish on economic freedom that should be an indication of a severe problem in the leadership of the Texas Republican Delegation. Note those Representatives able to resist the peer pressure of delegation leadership.

When Texans are not the vanguard of economic freedom, the nation suffers. This scorecard proves there is a lack of understanding of economic freedom in regards to the very purpose of our American federal government within the leadership and those following that leadership’s advice within the Texas Republican Delegation to Washington, D.C..

Texans and the rest of the nation should insist on better.

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