Urge your state rep to vote DAVID SIMPSON for Texas Speaker!

Battle over the Texas House — David Simpson vs. Goliah Straus

Thanks Brad Hollas for this great graphic! To download as a flyer, click the image above.


The ramifications of last November’s elections are rapidly occurring in Washington, D.C. and are set to commence in Austin with the election of Texas Speaker of the House.

It’s All About Principle

 The core of the argument against current Speaker Joe Straus is the very principle of representative government.

The method Straus employed to gain the Speaker position was to consolidate the votes of the opposition party — the LOSING party — The Texas Democratic Party — by promising Democratic Representatives committee chairmanships rather than assigning those chairmanships to the members of the Republican Party whose votes came from the WILL of the PEOPLE at the ballot box (on this subject, we’ll have Empower Texans as guests at our meeting on the 10th, and Brad Hollas’ flyer showing the David (Simpson, that is) and Goliath struggle).

One of the hardest criteria to measure are those things that did NOT take place.

This past legislative session saw, across the nation, states other than Texas in the news for passing sweeping legislative reform and defending the 10th Amendment. Texas was not on the vanguard of liberty and freedom because those are not the issues important to Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.

Take the time to view this informative video: Why Does The Speaker of the Texas House Matter? and then call your State Representative:

Rep. John Raney – Austin Office – (512) 463-0698  Bryan Office – (979) 260-5040

Rep. Kyle Kacel –  Austin Office – (512) 463-0490  


Another video features Canton Tea Party leader Bob Hall carefully explaining that Joe Straus is the biggest impediment to a conservative agenda in the upcoming Texas Legislature (below) and that any representative voting in support of Straus is doing so for their own personal power and agenda, NOT the agenda of Texas constitutional conservatives.


Without Principles, representative government is nothing but a game played by cheaters.

  • Make clear to our elected representatives that to reward such behavior is to continue the path of cynical politics that mocks the term “representative” republic.
  • To reward such behavior is to agree that the ends justify the means.
  • Further, to actually trust the defense of your own as well as that of your family’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness to such men is the height of folly and a complete disregard of the clear warning signs of severe character flaws that should disqualify anyone from positions of public trust.

Is there a better example of the disgusting politics as usual that the Tea Party Movement has made clear we want ended?? 

We urge a vote for a constitutional conservative Republican for Texas House Speaker: Rep. David Simpson.

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