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Nullification: How to Resist Tyranny in the 21st CenturyThomas Woods is the author of Nullification and the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. While nullification is a topic the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about, for those of us that have tried the “contact your Congressman” route and been sadly disappointed we have gone back to our Thomas Jefferson/James Madison Tool Kit of Governance and found this tool. How do you deal with a lawless federal legislature? You refuse, as a sovereign state, to obey those lawless “laws.”

First recorded instance of an act of nullification was when the Hebrew midwives refused to honor Pharaoh’s order to murder all male Hebrew babies. Exodus 1: 15-21.

This is a terrific lecture about our nation’s founding and how important the concept of nullification was in considering the ultimate protection for liberty because our founders understood the nature of man and his relentless quest for power.


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