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The Agenda: Grinding America DownIf you haven’t yet seen The Agenda: Grinding America Down, you should do so NOW.

This must-see video documentary is available for free viewing during the next two weeks; usually you have to pay $15-20 to buy the DVD. It is about the history of Marxist front groups in America, and shows how we are at a crucial pivot point in American and world history.

It’s the most illuminating movie I’ve seen in the last 3 years. You’ll be glad that you watched it.

Here’s the link for temporary free viewing on the Vimeo website:

In other news, if you feel as though you’ve gotten poorer during the past 4 years, you’re not alone. The esteemed Daniel Horowitz at the Madison Project website delves into the reasons why in this blog article:

Shown below is my favorite quote from the above-referenced article:

So this is what we have to show from the Obama presidency; higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher tuition costs, and higher health insurance premiums. The amazing thing is that Obama has racked up $5.6 trillion in debt attempting to deal with these problems. Yet this is the result of all his socialist interventions. Now we are left with higher costs and a higher tab to pay China for failed social welfare programs and market-distorting subsidies.

The reality is that it is the very government interventions in these sectors that have driven up the costs of the vital goods and services.

Higher food prices: Ethanol mandate? check. Onerous FDA food regulations? check. Weaker dollar? check.

Higher gas prices: War on Coal? check. Ethanol mandate? check. EPA regulations on fuel blends? check. Flat-earth, anti-drilling? check. Weaker dollar? check.

Higher tuition costs? More inflation-inducing subsidies and loans so Big Ed can jack up tuition costs? Check. Government takeover of student loans in the Obamacare bill? Check.

Higher health insurance premiums: Obamacare? checkmate.

Now, surely consumers are enjoying higher incomes so they can afford the new normal of higher costs, right?

Wrong! Income is down $4,000 per family and the poverty rate reached 15.7% in 2011, the highest level since 1965.

Higher costs, lower income, less jobs, and more debt – that is the legacy of taxation, regulation, over-litigation, and subsidization. That is the legacy which the next president must countermand.

Thus, it is imperative that -O- be “repealed and replaced” with Messrs. Romney / Ryan.

So let’s all go out and…. VOTE, and encourage all our like-minded friends and family to…. VOTE! Early voting has already begun.

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