Runaway Slave

(First, thanks so much to Patti Wells for her diligence in bringing this film to our town!)

FreedomWorks’ documentary, Runaway Slave, is a bold broadsheet announcement that a spiritual underground railroad is pulling into the station of every neighborhood in our community. The first Underground Railroad was a code word that described the trails, secret hideouts, guides, helpers and sponsors that helped American slaves escape to freedom.

Rev. C.L. Bryant at the FreedomWorks podium in front of the U.S. Capitol

Rev. C.L. Bryant speaking

Our conductor – Rev. C. L. Bryant – following in the footsteps of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass – travels across the nation to deliver the timeline for the necessary demise of the perverse state-church. The movie records Rev. Bryant’s visits with men and women of all walks of life and their understanding of freedom and liberty in America draws the distinction that liberty and freedom exists only in those individuals that have rejected what I refer to as The State Church of the Sacred Heart of No Redeemer. This perverse government-established religion teaches its flock the practice of civil-asceticism—requiring adherents to practice self-defeating mental slavery in exchange for political power.

In exchange for your vote and admitting that you cannot care for yourself, the government will supply you with just enough to live.

In spreading the news of the arrival of the spiritual underground railroad, we expect to hear from parents that are tired of their children not being challenged to learn in our local schools. The remedial classes that fund our local school districts puts the conscience of the teacher in jeopardy. A successful teacher that promotes a positive learning environment in her students is placing her job security in danger. The bottom line of the accountant’s pencil proves the federal programs funding remedial programs is to create and perpetuate ignorance. No remedial students, no funding. It’s that simple. Where is the financial incentive for improvement?

Between the soft bigotry of low expectations and those that actually benefit financially from teaching others to demean themselves in order to receive subsistence, there is not much safety for those teachers who inspire their students to learn. Parents, be aware of these three varieties of professionalism and take control of your children’s education.

The spiritual reality of the state church is that it only thrives by having a populace willing to demean their own ability to care for themselves. To do this to children before they even have the opportunity to know the difference between good and evil is inhumane.

The spiritual underground railroad is arriving at a neighborhood station near you. I’m a Runaway Slave. You be one, too!

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