Join us at our September meeting!

The Fall 2012 B/CS Tea Party flyer

Our new flyer, for friends, family and people you meet in the Bryan/College Station area. Click the image to download the flyer as a PDF, set up to print two-per-page.

As those of us who are participating in our Constitution classes are seeing so clearly, the burden is on us, the citizens, to learn what our responsibilities are in a constitutional republic, and then to DO THEM. This is the purpose of the B/CS Tea Party, that we come together to Teach (and learn), to be Empowered, and then to ACT. Our September meeting will continue this tradition:

  • From Jody Quimby, a lesson on Nullification, the lawful way to stop and desist unconstitutional legislation and regulation within our state.
  • Then Bill Bingham will discuss forming a committee to begin choosing which items we should present to our state legislators to consider for nullification, and tips on how you can be a part of this whether you are on the committee or not.
  • We’ll go though our third and final (for now) lesson from our Declaration of Independence study.
  • We’ll show off and distributing our new fliers, graciously and skillfully designed by Pam Praesel and Brad Hollas. The more we get the word out, the better!
  • Discussion of how we can help Patti Wells, who’s working with Freedomworks to bring the movie Runaway Slave to the Cinemark in College Station (hint: see her request on the B/CS Tea Party Facebook page.)

Remember our new location, the Wolf Pen Creek Community Center, 1015 Colgate, CS. We will look forward to seeing you there this Thursday, September 6 at 6:30pm!

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