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…and a New Must-See Movie Debuts Friday, September 14

First, get some inspiration for the tasks ahead by taking the entire family to see the widely-anticipated new movie Last Ounce of Courage, which opens nationwide this Friday. Showing at both the Premiere and Hollywood theaters, it is “Chuck Norris approved.”

Courage is something we’ll need during the next 60 days as we work together to influence the election outcome that will determine which direction America will take at this crucial crossroads in world history: Will we, as the world’s last, best hope of freedom, decide to slide irretrievably toward the Soviet-style socialism envisioned by Obama and his pack of czars, or will we claw our way back from the abyss of crushing debt and federal tyranny via massive regulation and taxation, thus allowing future generations the chance to live in freedom?

Texas is a Republican state. How can we help the others?

But Puryear, you ask, we reside in safely-Republican districts in a safely-Republican state, so what can we realistically do to help achieve a successful nationwide outcome? (Successful outcome = giving the boot to Mr. 0, and to ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid by installing at least 51 Republican senators). The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the swing-district wind…

51 or more Republican senators…we can do this, we can help

Enter, an offshoot of The Madison Project. CodeRedUSA was founded by the young man who wrote the highly-acclaimed software Political Gravity, which is used by grassroots enablers FreedomWorks, Madison Project, and American Majority.

Gravity software is able to identify swing voters in swing districts in swing states, thereby multiplying the effectiveness of Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) efforts.

The website will match individual Tea Partiers or Tea Parties in ‘safe’ districts (like ours) with needy Tea Parties in crucial swing areas of crucial swing states, like Missouri, Ohio and Colorado. Assistance to our brethren can be in the form of financial help, or by making phone calls to their swing voters via internet, land line or cell phone, or by block-walking with them during the week before Election Day. This matching function will be operational by Wednesday, September 12. They have several other election initiatives, which you can read about by perusing their website.

We need  the Senate! We can realistically help!

In Missouri, electing Todd Akin is essential for reaching a total of 51 Republican US Senators, and its electoral votes are needed for a Romney victory. Yes, Akin made a gaffe, and apologized, but the Lamestream Media give liberal Democrats carte blanche passes on their myriad inane statements uttered daily.

In Ohio, true conservative Josh Mandel is in a tight race to unseat Sherrod Brown, the most liberal member of the U S Senate. A voter selecting Mandel for Senate will be more likely to choose Romney for President. Throw in the fact that Ohio has selected the winning Presidential candidate in every election since 1964, and you can see that Ohio is a worthwhile target of your time, talents and treasure!

And everyone, get registered!

Remember to make sure that your like-minded friends and acquaintances have registered to vote, with their current address. They must mail in their voting application by October 7 (30 days before the November 6 election) to vote in the Presidential election. College students should use their local physical address (dorm name and room number, if applicable) if they plan on casting their vote here in Brazos County. The registration applications are available at post offices and libraries, and you can print one from the Texas Secretary of State’s website

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