Pethokoukis: 3 Things Every Voter Needs To Know About Ryan’s Medicare Reform

James Pethokoukis

 at the American Enterprise Institute distills fellow columist Andrew Biggs’ article about the brilliance of the Paul Ryan pick for vice-president to explain some key facts about Ryan’s approach to saving Medicare into 3 easy to remember points.

1. No one over the age of 55 would be affected in any way.
2. Traditional Medicare fee-for-service would remain available for all. “Premium support”—that is, government funding of private insurance plans chosen by individuals—is an option for those who choose it. No senior would be forced out of the traditional Medicare program against his will.
3. Overall funding for Medicare under the Ryan-Wyden plan is scheduled to grow at the same rate as under President Obama’s proposals. Is this “gutting Medicare” and “ending Medicare as we know it”? In reality, it’s the market giving seniors cheaper, higher quality choices they can take if they wish, with the traditional program remaining an option.

As Pethokoukis says, “clip and save.”

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