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In order to hold our elected representatives accountable, we citizens must keep ourselves informed about their activities, both in Congress and the Texas Legislature. The broadcast media are woefully inadequate for this purpose, but thankfully there are a few fabulous resources available on the internet:

The Madison Project has daily blog posts by Daniel Horowitz that keep you in-the-know with the skinny on the latest goings-on behind the scenes in both the House and Senate in Washington DC. Read the articles for one week and you will be hooked. And probably angered.

Be sure to read:

Empower Texans keeps you informed about goings-on in the Texas Legislature. See the post there by Dustin Matocha detailing how disastrous the recent runoff elections were for the allies of current House Speaker Joe Straus.

We The People are beginning to make a difference! Heartwarming!

Senate Conservatives Fund is the site of US Sen Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, dedicated to electing Constitutional conservatives to the US Senate, where he is in desperate need of reinforcements. The current Senate under Harry Reid does little, except to approve bad judges and worse treaties. (Plus they continue to force runaway federal spending.)

There are still two more crucial Senate Republican primaries:

  1. Mark Neumann in Wisconsin on Aug 14, and
  2. Jeff Flake in Arizona on Aug 28.

You can have a significant impact on retrieving America from the debt abyss by donating funds to their campaigns, or by making internet phone calls on behalf of their campaigns.



  1. is misinformed bull – I do not like the lies being told by this group. I am one of the millions benefitting from the Affordable Health Care Act. I am a two time cancer survivor and have had a stroke in the past. I was unable to get insurance for less than $5000 or more a month. Let this nation come together and stop the bull crap ads in Arizona. They are full of lies, the program is working!!!

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