Budget dilemma indeed

After entitlements, we don’t have enough left for the federal government’s enumerated powers, much less the unconstitutional parts

This is as straightforward a rundown of the numbers as I’ve seen, but the narrator gets one thing wrong after the math…


Actually, WE THE PEOPLE first, our representatives must follow or be replaced.

…starting around 5:00, while correctly acknowledging it will be painfulhe claims the first step to addressing the the problem needs to be that Washington must admit the problem.


We the People must do so first. Elected officials represent us, but we must initiate the change.


  1. Learn/learn more about the Constitution and Founding Principles of our country. We are offering The Constitution in Ten Lessons now; check the date/time of the next class meeting here.
  2. Tell others! Teach others. You’ll see examples of wrong thinking and wrong understanding everywhere after the first few classes. Point them out. Don’t be rude about it, be encouraging!
  3. Start holding our elected representatives to their enumerated powers. Respectfully, firmly, continually. With enough of us doing so, it’ll be to their and all of our benefit.
  4. Repeat the steps for the rest of your life!

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