The Declaration of Independence – A Workshop of Liberty

In thinking about government before 1776, nations were established according to shared ethnicity, religion, or history as well as man’s quest of power and wealth. The United States of America was founded upon the recognition of self-evident truths of nature and nature’s law. Principles, not power created this nation.

Viewing the Declaration of Independence at the National Archives

President Truman – 1952 – Dedication of the National Archives Building that would allow all to view the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

“Liberty can be lost and it will be is the time ever comes when these documents are regarded not as the supreme expression of our profound belief, but merely curiosities in glass cases.”

Today, all across our nation, citizens are studying the Declaration, The Constitution, and the Federalists because we know that our future is determined in the words, the ideas, the Truth written on those documents, not the mere historic event of our nation’s founding. This study will be of great consequence because while the cynical detractors have been successful in casting aspersions on the Declaration’s truth, nothing can trump self-evident truth. Knowledge of nature, nature’s law, and self-evident truth is capable of silencing its detractors – or in identifying those operating outside reality.

James Madison predicted that the United States would “be a workshop of liberty to the civilized world.” Today, we are participating in a workshop of liberty to preserve our own civilized community, state, and nation. Would we be incorrect to think that upon viewing the “uncivilized” state of our community, state, and nation where hate and divisiveness are the norm that this decline of civility is the effect of loss of liberty? Liberty is maintained by self-reliance and responsibility – even responsibility to past and future generations. We are empowered by our Declaration because liberty is, and requires, the advance of knowledge, discovery, and principles of truth.

James Madison

Such thinking reveals the de-evolutionary properties of the attempt by those calling themselves Progressives (sic) to discredit the truth proclaimed in the Declaration. To what purpose does a man seek to tear down the truth merely because of his inability to live up to the high standards of natural law?  By what logic is the equality of all men a flaw of the truth, rather than a flaw of man’s nature? However, in devolving every declaration of truth, the Progressive has created an entire industry that produces an incivility whose purpose is to halt the advance of knowledge, discovery, and principles of truth – in short to deny Americans the very Liberty proclaimed in the Declaration.

Allowing such an incompetent individual to achieve elected/appointed status so that they control regulations of equality gives evidence of a large portion within our nation, state, and community that is ignorant of nature, natural law, and truth. The answer to ignorance is education – to become as Madison predicted – a participant in the workshop of liberty.

Join the Bryan/College Station Tea Party in a Celebration of the Declaration of Independence at our July 5th meeting.


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